Beginning of my projects – learn something new everyday

As most of the people I want to make new resolutions and stick to them….As I sometimes lack of fantasy, it is really hard for me to even think what I should want to do….I just have this constant dissatisfaction with myself and urge to do something more with my life…….even before the beginning of the year I made a resolution for myself and task to learn something every day…of course just saying that to myself would be pretty easy to forget and quite demotivating….So, I created an event in my calendar for a year that has everyday the same event: learn something new….I did not require it to be very grand anne significant, but that I would feel that I learned and most importantly record it….either in my calendar or somewhere else that when I will loose motivation, I could check my records and see that I actually made a progress :)))

So far so long my progress was related with learning french, cooking new dishes and making new desserts, learning to crochet new things and creating first in my personal life budget…


2 thoughts on “Beginning of my projects – learn something new everyday

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