I started using Plinky to help me out with my commitment to writing and so that it

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would help getting ideas and yesterdays questions was to name 3 most important goals for 2012. So, I started writing and ended up actually making some sort of my resolutions for 2012 that probably would have taken a long time to write them down as I would have been scared of the commitment and responsibility that it brings. So, now I have it….

1)I would like to start developing projects with philosophical consulting, so probably starting doing some meetings and discussions.
2) I would like to start working with my school project, so my requirement would be to make a plan how and where school could be established and what steps could be taken.
3) I would like to improve my physical performances in different sports and overall appearance and loose 5 kg, so that my weight would be under 63 kg.
4) I would like to start working as a free-lancer of some sort, I suppose related either with project management or with event planning.
5) I also would like to start my own business, just need to figure out in which area I could invest myself and whether it would be compatible with free lancing project or not really. So, basically these two could be counted as one goal.
6) improve my productivity, so my goal is to stick with my resolution of learning at least one thing every day and write something at least once a day.
7) my goal is to have some sort of project every month and to be able to achieve it on the top of learning something every day.
8) master french language.
9) improve my russian, spanish, german and italian. I would like to concentrate on that after done with french.
10) be a good wife and finally get a dog :)))))

Yesterday night when I was talking with Keven (my husband), I asked him if there is anything that he would like me to change or improve from my character…and he said that I am very impulsive…So, my 11th resolution would be:
11) take it easy…before getting frustrated breath and don’t let negative emotions influence your actions. Sometimes just stepping aside for a second can make huge difference. 
 then I though… I will add one more:
12) smile every day.even if I would be alone at home, I have to smile, because even simple actions can influence how you think. so, just by smiling, eventually I will be happier than without that 🙂

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