It’s not having experiences that makes us wise, it’s reflecting on the experiences that we had

I love watching TED talks and very often I get good ideas for reflection about our world or simply learn something new. So, while I was finishing of my crocket necklace project, I decided to listen to something from TED and I came across Jane Fonda talk of life’s third act. She was talking about getting aged and taking different approach towards that. And I totally agree which her saying that being old is actually just starting new phase of life rather than waiting for death. She quoted Picasso “It takes a long time to become young”. It is so true, that to be young in spirit you need to learn to appreciate life, to be able to reflect yourself objectively and live life “here and know”. Too often we live towards the expected happiness that will come one day (maybe) rather than trying to be happy now. Who said that in a year you will be happier than now and that now it is not right time to be happy. This brings me to the book that I am reading now “Happiness Project” of Gretchen Rubin. Too often she was challenged by other people questions why to start happiness project if you are not unhappy. Are you supposed to try to be more happy only if you are unhappy? Is there some allowance of happiness per person?  So, I try to live my life every day doing something that would make me happy….it is not easy as great part of me feeling happy depends on progress. For me happiness is not an attained state of mind, not some stable position that could be secured, it is hard every day work towards being happy that makes my happy.

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