January 4-6th progress

So, since I started this blog and I kept myself learning something new every day, I kept this promise, little report:

January 4: started my food blog.

January 5: studying french: future tenses; learned how to make pompom. So now I finally know how it is made 🙂 I also learned how to bake muffins (never done that in my life, though have made quite lots of cakes).

January 6: I recently rediscovered crocheting, so until now I have few scarfs, bennie and few slippers and boots that I have crocheted. But I also wanted to learn something more subtle, so I decided to learn how to crochet necklace. It took some time to find the pattern that I would like, but I think that the result is pretty nice. Keven could not believe that I made it. So, today I made a necklace and a bracelet.  I also continue studying french. This helps me a lot to keep with my resolution of learning something new every day, cause even if I do not learn something completely new, I can always turn to my french books, spend couple hours studying and then I can count it done :))))

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