Created expectations

You know how sometimes we anticipate some result and we don’t get it. So, for past two day, I had this with watching TED. Usually, I enjoy the talks, but past two days  I have been disappointed, or rather annoyed. I think that TED is growing really fast and there are many projects been done that help TED to be reached everywhere and ideas to be spread, but it also means that the chance for poorer quality increases. So, I had this with talks. Some started brilliantly, like Daniel Goldstein “The battle between your present and future Self”, where he said lots of worth to consider things and then it went to same vague part about savings and how present self affects happiness of future self by saving now for the future. Well, to put it nicely, I considered that part to be really uninteresting and would have preferred to hear more from psychological point of view. As some philosopher said: “we are stuck in present, because past is already ceased to exist and future still doesn’t exist”. Maybe I found it uninteresting because I came or lived in countries where we do have social securities and we pay for the comfort of our future self in the form of the present taxes? One way or another, my brains were not fed….Then I noticed interesting topic “How healthy living nearly killed me”, well, I thought should be some new ideas for consideration. Utterly waste of time. He did not say any useful healthy idea, except being over the top with what is instead of considered healthy living should be called rather paranoiac, if you wash your hand thousand times a day and go everywhere with a helmet. And then he concludes that so called “healthy living” damaged his relationship as he did not have time to spend with people around him. Nothing new and inspiring….Just got annoyed by this fake smile and laughing from his own jokes.  Then there were some more videos….and…oh well….nothing good….maybe other day….

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