A Lesson I Wish I Had Learned Earlier

hmmm….that is hard question…I really don’t know what I should have learned earlier as I believe all experiences come when they have to come. So, when I reflect to my life, I don’t see anything that should have learned earlier. I still need to work on myself and on many aspects of myself, so I do not feel that I could be giving lesson to myself about how should I have lived or what should I have done. Maybe some people make mistakes that they regret later on, I do not feel regretting anything. Not because I would not have made mistakes, simply because I don’t see them as that a big deal. We can’t be perfect, I am not, I make stupid things, I make some things that others would consider to be mistakes, but I see it as life experience. We should accept who we are, good and bad and learn from everything that comes into our life. That’s what I am trying to do and sky is the limit.

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One thought on “A Lesson I Wish I Had Learned Earlier

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