I’ve been thinking to go back to study. Basically, to do graduate studies in


Image by Wherever I Roam via Flickr

philosophy, because I would like to be a teacher or professor. So, I have been doing some research and applied to couple universities here in Canada. My initial interest was McGill university in Montreal, but I did not want to pass GRE exam, mostly because of the costs and then it would still not ensure me a place. So, I skipped that. I chose to apply to Toronto University as it has strongest philosophy department in Canada and Queens University as they are strongest in ethics field. Application for Toronto was finished last week and today I completed application for Queens University. It took time to receive the documents from Vilnius University back in Lithuania, as universities here require official transcripts in sealed envelopes. I thought that it should be enough for application to provide certified copies of my diploma and supplement to it which are approved by foreign affair ministry, but nope. So, yesterday I received my documents, today filled in application. Then I had to print out my writing example, which I chose to be from my BA thesis which was “Can self-realization be considered as an ethical problem”. Finally I send it out. Now just make sure that my referees will provide references and then wait for response. I should know whether I get accepted to universities around march and then I would be clear where we gonna spend next year. If I do not get accepted, probably I will apply to university here in Quebec, just the thing is that it is french university, so I need to be fluent in french. I should be by September obviously. It just takes lots of energy for me to keep studying language as I feel that my brains are a bit tired of language learning. I lived past 2 years in Barcelona, Spain, so I learned Spanish and as Barcelona is in Catalunya, so catalan. Then from before I had to learn Russian, German, Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek, bit and bites of Brazilian Portuguese, not mentioning English, that is not my native language. So, I have lots of languages in my head and it would be nice to use them somehow, not just know :))))

Anyways, I am glad that application process is over. It took lots of effort to translate my thesis, to write motivation letter, to communicate with possible referees and many little things that you don’t even think counts.

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