Finding Job in Barcelona

I wrote this little article some time ago, but I decided to post it here, maybe someone will find it useful 🙂 Plus, it is nice to remember the times there….I would not go back right now, but I am sure that we will be back at least for half a year at some period in our lives.

And so…yesterday Vida got her first job in Barcelona. She will be working in an irish pub pretty close from home as a bartender. the salary is pretty good – 6 euros per hour and she will be working 5 hours per day. however, for her it was a pretty shock as she is carrier oriented, so she was hoping straight away to find job in her area and start making a carrier. but in Barcelona usually it is not working that ways, unless you are spanish, french or at least very qualified native english speaker. I remember, when I came to Barcelona I lost any illusion  to find job as a project manager, especially not knowing spanish language. And even though I consider to have almost perfect English, it is not helping either. So, what do expats usually do in Barcelona:

Job number one: teaching English, that is what Milli is doing. She is earning pretty good money, around 10-20euros per hour, depending where she is teaching. The only difficult thing is to get enough hours to make living, but once you are on the track, everything is pretty fine.

Job number two: working with sales over phone. Luckily I did not have to do this type of job as I simply hate phone and can’t imagine myself selling something.

Job number three: working in a pub, restaurant, hostel, hotel. I tried some  of it, working in a restaurant and now I work in a hostel. There might be pretty hard and pretty easy jobs, depending where you find it and depending on the owners. Luckily, my current job is amazing and I am proud of working in ecological hostel, so even though it is not what I want to do for rest of my life, I am really satisfied with it, plus I satisfy my urge for ethical job.

Job number four: working with promotion. I have done it myself, it is amazing how many clubs are needed to be promoted and how many promoters you can find around beach are and Las Ramblas. Club, pubs, coctail bars, restaurants, pub crawls, flamenco shows. So, if you will ever come to Barcelona, search for flyer people, at least you will get discount for entrance, maybe free entrance, maybe some little extras…

And for sure there are much more…just need to search and believe. Some people find it really easy, some harder. But if you want to experience the vibrant energy of barcelona, give a try 🙂


Image by zkvrev via Flickr

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