My All-Time Favorite Video Game

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LOL….I don’t play video games, not that I would not like them, but because I am scared to get addicted. So, I simply state that I don’t like them and then I am protected. However, I remember when I was probably 16 years old, I was really hooked up on “Need for Speed Underground“. I would spend hours playing this game, racing with different cars and finally getting to know different car models. I still have really vivid memory of going out to a town party and seeing people looking at something passing with awe, and then I saw it…it was one of those impressive sport cars and I knew which one it was….lamborgini murcielago….I felt really pround of myself that moment that I could identify car and then I laughed in my head….I would not take it, because it is so hard to control: when you try to race, it is super sensitive and always slides outside the road :))))))

So, probably that would be my favourite video game 🙂

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