WOD 27th January

I had my crossfit training today and we had a 25min. Challenge where we had to make as many rounds as possible.
One round consisted of:
11 pull ups- chest to bar
2 dead lifts 155 pounds
10 head stand push ups ( i was doing wih feet on box)

I managed to make 10 rounds and 2 pull ups.
My palms were totally sore, especially after yesterday climbing. I hurt my finger tendon some time ago climbing and it still really hurts when I put pressure, so I can’t climb difficult routes. It follows that only pleasure of achievement while working out I can reach in Crossfit:)

The pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.

Today Keven and me decided to watch some videos on TED.com as we like spending time together watching something, but at the same time we like benefit from it from educational point or for the discussion purposes. So, we came across the video that actually made us both cry and definitely touched us, once more confirming that some obstacles in life can actually be a life changing positive experiences. As I said before in my blog, I don’t think that my life is perfect, but when I look back, there is probably not a single thing that I would change. Maybe I would like to change myself a bit, but definitely not experiences that I had, cause I believe that everything at the end becomes handy. Negative experiences makes you see different aspects of life and makes you stronger. So, the video that we watched is called Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits and you can find here:

http://on.ted.com/APcR #TED

It makes me also confirm that “I can change the way you think but I can’t change the way you feel, because this is something much deeper and stronger”. 

WOD – crossfit

I just returned from my crossfit training and it was really hard, I wanted to cheat few times, but I am glad that I did not. The workout was pyramid: 50-40-30-20-10 of:

    Wall ball 12 pounds
    Kettlebell swings 35 pounds
    Squat thrust and box jump

My time: 40:14. I was dead afterwards, my knees were burning, but I was happy that I made it and that I was not the last one:)

To think or not to think about happiness


Crossfit and Rock climbing

Yesterday I went to climb in the gym as this is kind of tradition on Sundays to have breakfast with friends (usually pancakes) and then head to indoor rock climbing gym to burn all those pancakes 🙂 It was especially fun yesterday, because on Saturday they had a competition, so they changed all the routes and it meant totally new problems to climb. I had a bet with one friend to make the first 20 routes and we both
succeeded. I have to say that I felt much stronger than before. I believe it is related with cross fit training that I just started recently as it is really strength and endurance training, both of them are invaluable in climbing.

Today I head to my Crossfit training and WOD (workout of the day) was:

  • 100 wall balls (I used 12 lb)
  • 100 kettlebell swings (35lb)
  • 100 ring dips (used an elastic band to support myself)
  • 100 abs

My time was 24.50 and time limit was 30 minutes. So, I think I did pretty good job. I really like competing with others as it pushes my limits incredibly. Tomorrow climbing again 🙂


First things first

At my calendar there was ghis thought that i consider important to note down:

All too often, what’s important gets pushed aside while we deal with what’s urgent – but in the end, what’s important is what’s important. Remind yourself of your real priorities by doing first things first.

That is so true at least in my own life, I always puah aside what is important to deal what is urgent and postpone or never come to what really matters:)

Discovering New Books

Library books

I always struggle finding new books that I would like to read….I believe the best way is to ask around people with similar taste of yours to see whether they would recommend you something. I also think that it should be good idea simply to search book on internet depending on the authors that you already like through related search engine. The great thing about internet nowadays is that you can always ready parts of the book and decide whether you like it. I also simply go to the library and try to find books simply depending on the title and description of the book. Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose. Sometimes I use amazon as the search for the books, because I can read reviews and decide whether I might like the book or not. As I change my living places quite often I try not to buy books too often, because then I have to leave them if I change country or continent. I still have tons of books back in Lithuania at my parents attic that I would like to ship to me one day. Maybe when I will settle down finally :))))

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How I Spend My Time

I am quite consistent with what I do my free time…that would be working out, reading some book, surfing on internet, going to climb, cooking something new, baking some new dessert, spending time with my husband, watching TV shows (now I watch Parenthood) or watching some documentary, listening to audio books, writing blog, creating some new projects to do (I had crochet, finger painting, fire juggling, decoupage), going for a swim…

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This weekend Couchsurfing experience


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So, this weekend I had my first Couchsurfers in Quebec. I have been hosting people in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Barcelona (Spain),  now it came time for Quebec. I have been member of Couchsurfing I think since 2008 when I went to Brazil for my Capoeira workshop. It is really nice experience and culture sharing. I have met a lot of wonderful people from couch surfing that either surfed my couch, or I have been hosted by or even just meeting at the CS meeting. Finally, I had my CS experience in Barcelona. It was great. I was hosting two women from Washington who came to Quebec to stay in Ice hotel for a nigh and decided also to do some couch surfing. Sasha was the one to write a request to me and Marcy came along with her. I accepted Sasha’s request because she read my profile, found common interest point and put an effort in writing a request. Often, too often, I get lame requests where people don’t even manage to write my name or write a wrong name or just provide detail of their arrival rather than including why should I host them. Sometimes people just don’t understand that Couchsurfing is not only about free accommodation and I am not interested in letting someone to stay in MY house just because they are arriving to my city. CS is about sharing experiences and meeting people that you would want to meet anyway. As I always say, it is hosting a friend that you haven’t yet met. Maybe because I do have requirement for the people that I host most of my experiences were great from both aspects: being host and being guest.

Getting back to my guests…So, we had lost of fun as there is a winter festival happening in Quebec, so there are lots of activities. We also went to Crossfit training as the girls do that back home. I really enjoyed it and even consider maybe start doing Crossfit as well as I like challenges and competition. Then we went to do some rock climbing in my indoor climbing gym. I think they enjoyed it, even though probably Sasha was a bit disappointed by herself as rock climbing is much harder than just pushing weights and require a lot of coordination, strength and endurance. Sasha for me appeared to be very competitive, even in some sense negatively competitive as she had to compete about everything. She w as competing in every conversation either with Marcy or with me. So, I found it really interesting to observe. I like to compete, but I like silent competition, because I think that you don’t need to talk about your strengths, you need to be able to demonstrate them without showing off. So, all in all, I would conclude that Sasha is feeling very insecure inside and she always need approval by the others that she is worth something. However, I think that there are many people like that out there is the world. Don’t get me wrong, but I think that western society model, especially american culture has a lot to do with people not feeling secure about themselves and feeling a need to prove themselves in every step. I just wanted sometimes to say to her that there is no need to prove anything that I don’t care at all if you are better than someone,  that you are on vacations and should just simply relax. There was one thing, however, that I  disliked….that was her continuous mention of money and saving and showing me if they made something for us. First of all, if you are staying for free, there is no need to say that you are staying for free, because it is obvious. If you do something nice to me, like get me bottle of wine, there is no need to say that you got that, because it makes me feel uncomfortable as if I should be grateful for something. I should not, because in CS in it normal to do something for your host as a sign of appreciation as it is normal for the host to make sure that your guest are feeling comfortable and share your meal with them. But I don’t accentuate after lunch or breakfast that I got them lunch or breakfast, because it is not about that. I simply share and I felt from Sasha that it was rather calculation than simple act. I don’t know exactly how to explain that, it just did not feel authentic. I am sure that she doesn’t even know that about herself and definitely had no bad intentions, she just has a lot of insecurities that come out in somewhat inappropriate ways. And regarding me, I just feel better writing about it, because it makes me feel better as I don’t want to have any negative feeling and her general behaviour and respect to my house was great and I could not expect for better guest.

But I really liked Marcy and I felt instant connection with her, because she has really nice personality and had no need to prove anything.  We shared a lot of common character traits and passions and I feel that she is the type of person that could be my friend.

Concluding I would say that this couch surfing experience was definitely positive one, I had a lot of fun and great conversations, I had a chance to experience something new and maybe found new activity. The girls  in general were really great, respectful, clean and friendly.