The Great Outdoors

deep water solo bulgaria 2008

For me obviously it is going to the rocks….I love doing rock climbing and being in the nature among the mountains is the most amazing thing that I could think of….The beauty of nature is so powerful and the feeling of yourself being small is so overwhelming that it definitely helps clearing the mind of whatever cluster might have been there. I have fear of falling when I climb and whenever I start feeling anxious and overwhelmed by my emotional baggage, I just look around, see how calm and quite nature is, how beautiful everything looks from that point of the rock where I am, start feeling grateful for being able to be there and being able to see and experience what I am experiencing and I am fine to go…

The other favourite place would be going to the beach…well, going to the see…I am not big fan of beach with lot of people around and sellers trying to offer you whatever they have every few minutes. But being on the quite beach and listening to the sea is amazing….watching the pay of waves and never ending horizon is one of the wonder of the world for me…maybe because I grew up in port and sea was with me since I was born I just feel really relaxed and calm.

Having said that…the best place would be rock climbing on the beach…or doing deep water solo….I have had amazing experiences of climbing the rock above the water in Gaeta, Italy and Maljorca, Spain. There are amazing places with incredible energy…

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