Discovering New Books

Library books

I always struggle finding new books that I would like to read….I believe the best way is to ask around people with similar taste of yours to see whether they would recommend you something. I also think that it should be good idea simply to search book on internet depending on the authors that you already like through related search engine. The great thing about internet nowadays is that you can always ready parts of the book and decide whether you like it. I also simply go to the library and try to find books simply depending on the title and description of the book. Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose. Sometimes I use amazon as the search for the books, because I can read reviews and decide whether I might like the book or not. As I change my living places quite often I try not to buy books too often, because then I have to leave them if I change country or continent. I still have tons of books back in Lithuania at my parents attic that I would like to ship to me one day. Maybe when I will settle down finally :))))

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