French canadian movies that I watched recently

Recently I have been watching some movies in french as I try to improve my french skills. Well, actually I watch french canadian movies, because I live in Quebec and because, actually there isn’t much of good french movies from France. Don’t get me wrong, they do have some, but somehow for me usually their movies has too much everyday unimportant drama, too much concentration in details and contains some kind of looser who eventually is not that big og a looser, but however he is bitter and angry and thinks that because of that he has right to insult others. And, of course, majority of french movies has the same main actor: unreplacable Gerard 🙂
So, back to quebecois movies… Recently they released two amazing movies: Incendies and Cafe de Flore. They are very touching and definitely making you to reflect upon your own life and values that we carry. They are about love, bigger than life, hardly conceivable and at the same time incredibly beautiful. They both contains mother’s for children and woman’s love for a man. It’s about love that doesn’t know limits of space and time and that carries the most incredible gift one person can give to the other: forgiveness.
Obviously, you can read description of movies online, that would give you better idea of plotline, my goal is simply to share my experience…

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