WOD Thursday Night

I never went for Crossfit training in the evening, but because I try to jam everything into my free days, I feel that I need to separate a bit Crossfit and climbing days, as if I go to climb after Crossfit, I feel that I am much less there than I should be. So, I don’t want to let my climbing down, therefore I try to find alternative times of training. It is however, unusual for me to go to train myself in the evening, but I find it less annoying than to go to climbing gym on the evenings when it is packed with people.
So, I went thursday night to Crossfit training and I haven’t decided if I would go again. First of all, the trainer was different and I really like the one that I go to in the mornings and that really pushes my limits. The evening trainer was less fit and a little bit chubby, probably he has fat level higher than mine and mine is not that low. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against people being less fit, but when it comes to my training and learning, I need to feel that the person that is pushing me, is far more advanced than I am and much much more stronger. I just can’t fully dedicate myself to doing some activity and follow someone if I don’t feel 100% respect for what they have already done. So, I am a bit of perfectionist in the requirements for my teachers and trainers. Secondly, the group itself was quite weak, I mean. that would be people that come for a gym training rather than for the performance training. It’s hard to push myself if most people around me are weaker, then again, I can’t give myself 100%.
However, training consisted of 4 rounds:
3 power ups on the rings (really hard)
10 wall squats
20 pike push-ups
30 jumping lunges (my killers)
40 alternating V-ups

My time was 17:43 mins.

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