WOD 13th April

Today I had Crossfit training that made me proud of myself for two reasons. First, because of running. I just don’t like it and I am trying to overcome that, but I don’t think that there would come one day that I would actually feel pleasure running, however my goal is not to suffer psychologically while doing that and not to hate every minute of it. And today in training I had to run and definitely there were moments when I felt very tempted to cut a corner, but just kept running.
Second, funally eliminated elastic band from pull up challenges. Watched videos, practised a bit with my body and not can easily get around with kipping. I am able to make regular pull ups, but if there us more than 7 that I have to do in a row, my muscles fail, meanwhile kipping makes it much easier to have chin over the bar.

So todays time challenge was 4 rounds of:
400m running
5 floor press – 95lbs
20 box jumps
400m rowing
10 dead lifts – 95 lbs
15 pull-ups

My time was 30:36min.
I think I deserve palro chocolate chip cookie made with almond flour that I baked yesterday :))))

My next goal is to work on ring dips as I am able to make them without elastic band. Still havent figured out position of the body and which muscles work. However, in couple month of Crossfit I improved a lot and hopefully next year I could be really good in CF games :))))

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