WOD 16 April and Whole30 challenge

Today my WOD consisted of 2 challenges, both with time cap of 15mins.
1) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 repetitions of the following:
pull ups
– box jumps (mine was 30′)
-abdos (no arms)
Time of completion: 10:25min.

2) it was a challenge for 15mins that consisted of rowing and “man maker” (thats the complicated exercise that I did not remember name last time 🙂 )
100-200-300-400-500-600m-… +4 man makers after each round. My weights were 20lbs for each arm.
After 15mins. I was in my 600m section and finished with 1821m. of rowing 🙂

I was improving my diet for couple months now, first started following Zone diet and then decided to eat even more clean, so began following most of the Paleo diet guidelines. My poor husband has to consume all those products that we bought for a pantry and I refuse now to eat, such as pasta, crackers, rice. We still have tons of flour (because I love baking) and white sugar, so I have been thinking what to do with all this so that it would not go to waste. Finally I decided that probably Keven colleagues would be happy if he would come from time to time with some home made muffins our cookies 🙂 I can still bake, just don’t want to eat.
So, today is my first day of Whole30 challenge where I try to switch my brains and clean my body. I really need that, because even though I eat pretty much clean now and very much into paleo diet guidelines, I still love to indulge myself into various treats. So I want to switch my brains from the need to satisfy the “sugar dragon” 🙂 So, for 30 days I eliminate from my life:
-natural and artificial sugar
-cheat and comfort paleo foods

Let’s the game begin. By the way, since I changed my eating habits, I started gaining much more energy and getting much stronger. Even though before workouts I don’t feel like having a lot of energy, during workouts I usually push much more than I would have expected…

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