New family member

Eomehiw I forgot to mention this in here, but we are getting a puppy. A beautiful grey pitbull girl. I have never imagined that this day would come, because Keven never had a dog and so he did not want to have a dog. Then he got used seeing me getting alm mellow about the dogs and how much I adore them. You could never see me smiling in the street with sweetest smile in the world for other human being, not even a baby, but show me a beautiful dog or almost any pupoy and I melt. So, I have been putting silemtly the idea of having a dog for some time into Keven’s head. Half a year into our relationship I told him that we won’t have kids before we will have dog and there is no chance in the world that I would not have a dog in my life, cause I grew up having dogs. So we agreed to have labrador or golden retriever. Even though I have a soft spot for strong breed dogs, like boxer, rottweiler, american staffordshire terrier and pitbull terrier. I just love all this muscular power in them and incredible loyalty for their owner.
So, we decided to get a puppy and started watching all training videos and reading a material. We watched Dog Whisperer and thanks to that Keven started appreciating pitbull breed and found them beautiful. So, he wasn’t that cathegorical about owning one of them and one of his acquantances from university put pictures of puppies in her FB profile. She still had 3 girls left to pick and they were totally adorable ad well as their parents…we chose a puppy that was lower level of energy and not that much food oriented. She was just really calm and I believe that she will be a great companion for us…
I am so excited to get Nora home and it is only few days left…



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