My romance with books and Jeffrey Archer “A prison diary”

Since I was little girl I was in love with books. If you would ask anyone from my elementary school how they remember me, they would answer that reading books during classes rather than listening to the teacher. Maybe because the book world was be much more interesting than what the teacher had to say. But it doesn’t mean that I was a bad student…I think that it bought me one very important skill: multitasking. To read book and at the same time listen to what the teacher is talking about so that I wouldn’t be caught making a crime. If you can answer what the teacher is talking about you can’t be accused of not listening 🙂 So, I would be reading books on my way to school, in school, back from school, at home. I read so many of them and I still love reading, but I try not to buy books. I still have tons of books back in Lithuania that I bought while I was studying in university. Guess what was my subject? Philosophy…So, whenever I tell people that I studied philosophy they all say, but it is so much reading…well, not if you like reading 🙂 So…I had to leave all my books…then the same happened when I decided to leave Spain…I donated my books to the library…now in canada, even though I try not to buy books, I still buy them. So, I just try to limit my visits in Amazon and increase my visits in local library that has pretty good variety of books.

Yesterday night I finished reading Jeffrey Archey “A prison diary”. I was glad that I finished reading this book, because there were many books before that I did not finish reading as they haven’t captured my attention enough before it would be time  to give them back to the library. The book is written in the diary form and it definitely captures an attention because there are so many things that you can learn from it. Did you know that heroine stays in blood only 24 hours if you drink lots of water after injection while weed, cocaine and other drugs show traces 30 days after? This is one of the reasons why many inmates become heroin addicts in prison even if before they haven’t touched hard drug in their lives, simply because you sentence can be prolonged in they find let’s say weed traces in your blood. I did not know that. Or for instance that lifers (the people sentenced for long time or for life) are much less likely to cause problems than other prisoners, because they want to have more relaxed life and more privileges? I though that they are the most dangerous one in prison. Did you know that on average in high security prison you spend 22 hours locked in your cell? Can you imagine being locked up for so long every day? The book also tells the stories of other prisoners and why they are hear, how they see their future and what are their perspectives…I learned a lot reading this book and can’t wait to start reading the second book, because I believe that there is a trilogy, because the author was sentenced for 4 years and “A prison diary” describes only the first prison where he spend 3 weeks while he was appointed to other prison. I know that this book received lots of discussions and UK prison authorities demanded it to be banned and I am sure that there are many critics out there that would criticize this book, but I enjoyed reading it and thats all that matters.

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