Urban gardening as a future project

It’s been a long time since I have been dreaming about having my own little herb garden. I think I have been thinking about that for past 5 years, but never came make it happen. But I think that this year I just gonna do it, because we have two huge windows with lots of sunlight and more than enough place on the windowsills for the plants. So, my next project would be to have a vegetable and herb garden. I can only imagine what a great pleasure it would be just to go to the window and pick some herbs for a dish…I though about having small garden back in Barcelona, but as I am quite bad with plants (i forget about them and that I need to water them) and as in barcelona you can buy fresh herbs really cheap or just find wild ones (I always had fresh rosemarie and thyme at home because you can find loads of bushes on the way to climbing sectors), so I did not had a big need for growing them.  But as I prefer now to eat everything fresh and organic and it’s much more expensive to do that, I thought why not to try to grow my own. If I had a backyard probably I would be growing a chicken to have fresh organic eggs at home, but I don’t…

So, I started making some little research to build up the knowledge about urban gardening:

Maybe you have any recommendations regarding this question or already have a little garden in the flat of your own?

2 thoughts on “Urban gardening as a future project

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  2. Hi Allea,
    here’s my message from back in April – it somehow didn’t get posted – in any case:
    thank you for including me! I don’t have any tips specifically for herb-gardening yet – so far I have planted rosemary seeds a month ago and the two seedlings are still tiny (I’m talking 2cm high). BUT, now that you asked, I have decided to dedicate one container on our terrace to herbs and will keep you posted on the progress. The herbs will definitely include mint and maybe lemon balm.
    A general tip I can give about plants is to not move them around all the time – my flatmate keeps moving her plants to a different place every other day and, expectedly, all her plants die in no time.
    Anyway, let us know how your urban herb-garden is coming along. I’m looking forward to reading /seeing pictures about it!
    Red Darter

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