home WOD3 AND WOD 4th May

Yesterday morning I was making WOD at home that consisted of 5 rounds for time of:

  • 10 tuck jumps
  • 15 back extensions

My time was 4:45min.

Today I went to my CF training and it was hard hard hard. But then….when I think….I never came back from Crossfit training and said that it as easy…simply because I always increase my weights, make it harder, push myself more and more…So today I loaded 75lbs for the time challenge and it was 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:

  • Hang clean
  • barbel thruster
  • v-sits
  • supermans
  • toes to bar

My time was 29:31min., so nothing impressive πŸ™‚

To finish up we had a little time challenge of 5 rounds of 12 squats and 6 ring rows. My time: 2:15min.Β 

I thought to go afterwards for climbing but I skin went of again…Since I took heavier weights, I always loose skin during CF workouts πŸ™‚ So, climbing will be then tomorrow πŸ™‚

Wish you a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “home WOD3 AND WOD 4th May

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