Saturday morning Education

You know what is great about all the social media? That you end up exposed to things that you maybe would not have seen. This morning, I made my morning smoothie and coffee, sat in front of computer and checked my FB. I am lucky to know people from all walks of life and this time my attention was caught by link posted by a friend from my times in university where I was studying philosophy. Not only it is a great video and very nicely done, it also brought many memories as I highly respect Spinoza and his way of thinking and he was first philosopher that I wrote a paper on that appeared to be in philosophical conference. So, this video brought back all the memories of analyzing some part of Spinoza “Ethics” and going through the proofs of existence of God and how much into it I was. Sometimes I wish to go back to study, I still feel great need for intellectual stimulation, but at the same time I know that even though I have a great capacity for analyzing, I am not that much of creative type and probably would never end up being a creative thinker. So, I don’t think that academic career would be best option for me, however, I can tell you that I utterly enjoyed my years of studying and being buried among the books 🙂

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