Workout challenges

I feel good working out, but tou would never see me in a gym other time when I go for Crossfit trainings.
I think I never worked out longer than 1 hour in my life, except maybe swimming and climbing, but it is other story:) What I like is short high intensity training. 10mins. Can be enough. That why I liked , before it all changed, before it got all unnecessary equipment, I like working out with body weight and high cardio. That why I use some apps to get ideas. Today I made 5-50 challebge from fleetly app:
– 50 squats
-50 push ups
-50 mountain climbers
-50 jumping jacks
-50 diamond sit ups

Made it in 5:40min. That’s my training for today. Maybe gonna go for some climbing tonight and have 8a.m CF training for tomorrow 🙂

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