WOD 18th May

I just finished my Crossfit morning workout. That was hard, though as Keven would say: “when did you come back from training and say that it was easy? It’s always hard”. And he is right. There was so much running today and if you follow my blog you know how much I hate running. So, when I saw todays workout I knew immediately that I won’t be first and not even second. However, my goal still was to not to be last and be best among girls :))) I am strongly competitive and always try to compete with guys, so if some girl is stronger than be, then I feel respect :)))
So, today training was long one:

-800m. Run
-3 rounds of:
9 box jumps (28″)
6 jumping lunges (each leg)
3 burpee pull ups

-400m. Run
4 rounds of:
9 KB swing (35lb)
6 dumbell push press (25lb)
3 clapping push ups

-400m. Run
-3 rounds of:
9 box jumps (28″)
6 jumping lunges (each leg)
3 burpee pull ups


My time: 30:20min. That was hell a lot of running, lots of suffering, but surprisingly I am not really slow having in mind that I don’t run at all.

Then we had finisher of 48 burpees on time. Hard cardio. My time was really slow, I made it in 3:26min, while the fastest guy that yesterday made this challenge did it in 1:34min, so I got milestone to improve.

As my whole30 is over, I though maybe it would be a good idea to use up all whey protein that I bought while I was following zone (they use whey powder a lot), so I made berries and this vanilla whey powder (sweetened with stevia) shake to have it as post workout. Once I tasted it, I could not drink it as it was so sickening sweet and artificial. It is definitely not for me anymore. I am just gonna stick to paleo and avoid any whey proteins (will have to find someone whom I could give it). So, I just tried to get home asap and had my wonderful paleo zucchini muffins ( wait for recipe!) that I baked yesterday night. I also made banana bread loaf ( will post recipe later) to celebrate my successful end of the Whole30 challenge. What I learned from todays experience is that 30 days can mean a lot if you want to change your way of eating.

4 thoughts on “WOD 18th May

  1. Impressive! I can’t do pull ups without a band yet during my Crossfit workouts…any recommendations for how to get there?

    • I could make pull ups before I started CF, but I learned them long time ago to make very sloe and static, so I was using too much energy (never could make more than 7 in a row) and was slow. My recommendation would be to watch videos how to make kipping pull ups ( at crossfit website), practise the technique and try for some time to make kipping pull ups with band, each time trying to take thinner and thinner band and, of course, try without band each time before using one. Even if you can make very little, your muscle memory will increase and psychologically you wilm feel much better once you will have some pull ups made without band. Good luck! it’s all about persistence πŸ™‚

      • awesome-thank you! One of the coaches offered to come in early to class too a couple times next week to show me the motion, so I’m hoping once i figure the actual motion out i can practice at home on our bar.

      • That should definitely help πŸ™‚ hardest is the first one, then jt is just practice, especially if you have a bar at home, even hanging on bar trains muscles πŸ™‚

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