WOD 21st of May

There we two things that I was hoping heading to CF training today: no running (got lucky, only 400m. as part of warm up) and no pull ups, as my hands are still destroyed (not so lucky as you can see from picture of todays WODs.


For first WOD we had to make muscle
Ups and I am still really not able to make them all alone, however instead of alternative (3 pull ups& 3 rings rows for 1 muscle up), I decided to train my muscle memory and do muscle ups with elastic band. A guy from gym showed me some time ago when I intended and failed to make full muscle up before training. I have been thinking lately that I should work on my ring dips (still not able make without elastic band), but it just stayed in my head. Anyhow, I managed to pull those muscle ups and was really glad about that, even though it require enormous amount of energy. Obviously, pull ups and toes to bar destroyed my skin even more (for good, I think).

My end result of WOD1 was 20 double unders that I managed to make after completing all exercises and having time left until the end of workout. I really have to work on double unders, because I practised them only once, so was making them one by one, still refused to make singles as I know that I can make them.

WOD2 was same format and I took 23″ box to jump ( that was a challenge to do box jumps with one leg). Ring dips I made with elastic band, well, at least
I took the thinnest one. However, it makes me frustrated that I am not able to make some thinga without additional help, but everything comes step by step. My final result for WOD2 was 91 v-sits..
With this Crossfit Session I marked my 3 months with Crossfit and decided to take 3 times a week, instead of 2 times a week. Happy 3 months of CF to me!!!

4 thoughts on “WOD 21st of May

  1. double unders seem to be one of the things i’m natural at-along with handstands, and anything involving running ;). i’m working on those kipping pushups though, practicing 3×10 sets every day, just that kip. i’m getting a little better every day!! Monday is Murph, so wish me luck………..

    • go girl šŸ™‚ everything comes with practise, but we are quite the opposites šŸ™‚ I don’t mind doing anything that into;yes strength, but cardio is my weak link, but I’m improving though each time. Especially now, they are closing our gym for renovation, so for 2 weeks all CF workouts will be outdoors. I suppose that means lots of running in all forms šŸ™‚

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