WODs 25th and 26th May

I have to put 3 WODs of CF into 4 days and also go for climbing, so usually my weekends instead of being relaxing, becomes quite intense.

Fridays training had two parts and it was:


for time:

3 rounds of:

  • 400m. rowing (I always choose level10 as somehow find it not that hard to do)
  • 20 wall balls (16lbs)
    400m. running

My time was 15:20, I was 1 min. behind the guy that participated in regionals, no idea ow he did there, haven’t seen him before, but he looks really in shape. Anyhow, I felt quite proud of myself, especially when running is involved :)))) I really start getting used to it though, don’t supper mentally anymore that much and take it as it is 🙂

WOD2 was AMRAP of 16mins of:

  • 10 KB lifts (don’t remember the exact name) -35 lbs 
  • 15 KB swings – 35 lbs
  • 20 burpees (my killers…still not used to them)

I made 4+25 rounds.

Todays workout was also 2 parts. Actually, when I was walking down the hill and I saw group outside having a workout and it involved kettlebell and and moving from one point to the other (in my imagination – running), I honestly wanted to turn around an go back home. I did not feel at all like pushing myself, especially because my body did not have 24 hours break between workouts. However, I did not turn around and went to make a workout and was glad that I did, because it wasn’t that hard at all.

WOD1 (AMRAP 14mins):

I used for this WOD 35 lbs KB, but I think next time I will try to switch to 53lbs, as I find 35lbs not that challenging anymore.

  • 15 KB swings
  • 60m. KB carry (right arm)
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 60m. KB carry (left arm)

It was really enjoyable workout, I did not have to catch my breath and all in all did not find difficult, just kept moving all the time. My result: 5+32 rounds.

WOD2 was a bit more challenging and but still quite relaxing (with very much hurting abs 🙂 ) – 14mins. AMRAP:

  • 6 box jumps (29″)
  • 12 ring push ups (that was quite challenging, especially after 4 rounds, to keep arms not going too much on the side )
  • 18 toes to bar. (for this I asked trainer to let me do sty else, as my both hands had almost heeled, but I was pretty realistic that probably after first 18 toes to bar they would be totally destroyed again. Instead of that I did V-sits with 12 lbs wall ball in my arms)

My result was: 6+13 rounds.

Next workout Monday 🙂 I rewarded myself with banana pudding (put in freezer to have an ice cream). Will post a recipe and have for sunday brunch made a sweet potato pie (have no idea how it tastes like). I will post recipes of both dessert probably tomorrow. Enjoy Sunday!

8 thoughts on “WODs 25th and 26th May

  1. your time was awesome! love it. rowing kills me, not sure what level i do it on but definitely not a 10. burpees are brutal! I had 50 at the very end of a workout that had an accumulated 5 miles of running (1 mile run/50 reps of an exercise x5) and I literally didn’t think I could make it haha but thats one of the best things about cross fit…,realizing you CAN make it!

    • totally agree with that…I think I would be so much in pain after running one mile making burpees :))) Probably would be thinking that I died and now its my hell time. But one burpee after the after number starts melting 🙂
      next time when I will have to run, you can do that for me, and I can row for you 😉 a bit of exchange 🙂

      • perfect. I’ll even take your burpees, in exchange for pull ups >:). I will say, I’ve been practicing the kipping at home with a band and I *think* I’m getting the mechanic down..it’s hard because my bar is one of those bars for like P90 that you stick in the doorway, so of course my feet can touch ..but I strung a couple together today and I’m using the lightest band I have. Tomorrow is Murph, so I guess i’ll find out!!

      • oh wow…checked what is Murph as I never know the names of WODs 🙂 Seems intense…and finish with running…I hope your hands will be fine!!! Wish you lots of fun tomorrow!!!

      • it was intense…that last mile was awful!!! i really need to learn to kip…i did a band and just did chest to bar so at least i can get stronger. but it was fun! I finished it ALOT faster than i thought I would 🙂

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