Get the bike out and ride

Sunday I was going to climbing gym and I decided to use the bike that we found in Keven’s parents garage. We had it since winter but I was a bit hesitant to try it as the stuff where I usually go are pretty far away and I was scared to get stuck with broken bike. But Sunday I took it out and it was awesome, except the fact that the seat was super low (Keven style) and my knees started complaining in 5mins. I miss my bike back in Lithuania which was super comfortable, I used to go everywhere with bike: university, work, volunteering, climbing, go out…on average I was doing around 50km a day. In Barcelona I was using public bicycle system which is cheap and pretty awesome: you pay like 30euros a year and you can use public bicycles with your magnetic card. Downside: sometimes bikes are broken, sometimes stations are too full and you can’t place a bike (you got 30mins. for free and then you get charged sth. or you place bike and can take the other one in 10mins). So, I used to go around with bike in Barcelona as well. It is such an amazing feeling to ride a bike, it brings me so much joy.
Having all these positive emotions Despite weather forecast (rain) decided to take a bike yesterday to ride to my work. It is 17km from my home, in other words, a bit of a ride in one go. It was raining eventually, but rain was my least concern:) obviously, I managed to get lost, because of my all adventurous spirit to take new routes πŸ™‚ That’s nothing πŸ™‚ what I did not take into account was that 2/3 of my road to work is going up, I had to climb up 3 HUGE hills that were really taking my breath away. So, I did not care about rain, just how to go up that f…ing hill. The only consolation was the though that on the way back I will be going down those hills πŸ™‚ I left home at the same time as I leave for a bus and arrived on time as I did not have to way for transit bus. It took me 1h 15mins. to arrive to my work and to come back was way faster – 57mins and 35km made. Quite a workout of a day :)Still, I would like to make it faster, but the problem is that even with higher seat it really hurted my knees to go with this bike. no idea why as usually I never had problem with knees riding a bike except once when I took spinning class πŸ™‚ Is it problem of bike or of me???
I am thinkin about getting proper bike, as probably we will stay in Canada at least few years, so why not to get a good enjoyable bike? I am also thinking of making some bike rides this summer, don’t plan to get super fast bike for that, but I believe it would be great experience, so should check for that. I would love to make triathlon, but my “love” for running is definitely stopping me. Anyhow, if you got a bike, take it out and go for a ride. Today. Feel the joy of life. Enjoy the wind. Work those muscles. Life is an amazing opportunity for experience and our bodies are incredible instruments given to us to enjoy this life.

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