God Bless America movie and What Would You Do

Yesterday Keven had some new ideas of what we could watch as we both were having our days off and simply wanted to spent time not doing that much outside but staying together. Well, we ended up going quite early in the morning for food shopping and then to check out the dog park with Nora as we try to socialize her as much as possible before she turns 5 months and the dog become more guided by habits than by exploration 🙂

Anyhow, when we came back, we were watching some episodes on youtube of what would you do that were touching different social situations and dilemmas whether someone should get engaged in the situation that took place. And it is shocking to see how many people are being ignorant of what is happening around them and at the same time we were really touched by other people sensitivity and good will. This raises a question where is the line between minding your own business and being a good citizen that cares about other human beings. The story that brought tears in my eyes was actually the situation where a lesbian couple comes to restaurant with two kids and the waitress is being very impolite and rude. One guy wrote to the couple such a touching note that it was impossible not to get touched by the sensitivity of this guy. It shows that sometimes we actually don’t know where we can get support and who will be the ones that will help us. To be honest, this guy did not look that much as he would be caring about other people and here you go, it only shows how judgemental anyone can be, including myself. I always try to overcome this stigma of being judgemental about other people, but from time to time I do fall into this gap. I definitely recommend checking all the different situations of What Would You do and reflect on how you would act yourself. I definitely helps to evaluate what are your values and what you consider to be important in your life.

Then at night we decided to watch some movie and Keven suggested to watch “God Bless America”, so we watched it. The beginning was really good and as I love sarcasm, I really enjoyed it, but then more and more my attention was drifting away from the movie. Why? Well, because all of us always think that we are better than others, by others I mean anyone. We are better than our neighbour, because he….(insert yourself), we are better than our relatives, because we (insert again 🙂 ). Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging, because I act like that sometimes, but you know what? Everyone, I mean everyone always think that they are better than someone else. Keven is working in a place where drunk people can come and spend a night and most of people that come there are really low class people, but even they think that they are better than their neighbour or relative, because….So, it was the same with this movie…The guy decides to kill the reality show star, because she reflects how degraded the society is and how shallow the values are and how much people are not able anymore to have an authentic conversation and because his own life is going downhill and he thinks that he is gonna die anyway from brain cancer. Eventually he did not kill himself and ended up killing all “empty and shallow and disrespectful” people together with teenage girl. What’s the moral? I don’t know. I just know that anyways, watching them exploding brains of other people was no fun and that this leads nowhere. So, then it got me back to the series of “What would you do” and got me thinking about society and about values. Yes, I do agree that our society is very materialistic and that I myself sometimes am very judgemental, because I don’t find value in cars and jewelry and any other signs of wealth. But, on the other hand, if it makes people happy, why should I care what values do they have, but then I start wondering if they were thinking about values that they have or they just accepted the value system offered them by mass media. If the values are not authentic and just copy cat of what fashion offers, shouldn’t I try to talk and see whether they can evoke their own thinking. So, the hero of the movie, chose simply to kill those that do not share the same value system with him and is rather opposite from his own. But then again, what is worse? Being shallow or being killer?

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