WOD 25th June

I had a good lesson today that I knew for long time, but haven’t forgotten for a bit:
REST is very important part of the training. It was a srupid idea for me to go tk Crossfit training this morning, having in mind that i also went friday and saturday. 3 crossfit trainings in 4 days is not a good thing. I felt it today; I felt out of energy, I needed much more time to rest and I totally did not feel in shape. I think that after 2 days in a row of CF it is best to have 2 days off and then you can have 2 days again. Totally the same as training for climbing. It is not recommended to climb more than 4 times a week; and have one day off from any physical activity. I tried to have that day yesterday, but after noon I got craving for some physical activity, so decided to start training for handstand pushups by either staying in handstand around 30secs. Or making half pushups to create muscle memory.
Anyways, todays WOD consisted of 4 mini WODs of 6mins. AMRAP. I RXed all and took higher weights, but still…
10 shoulder press (65lbs)
20 box jumps 24″
Result: 2+9 rounds

12 burpees
24 Vsits
Result: 3+11 rounds

30m overhead walking lunges (25lbs)
15 release push ups
Result: 3 rounds

500m row on max scale
For the rest time KB swings until end.
Result: 35 KB swings (53lbs)

The workout would not have been that hard, but all the time I was taking little breaks, even making Vsits and normally i don’t have ever problems with abdos, so this was a sign for me that I am tired. Walking lunges with 25lbs were hard, while a week ago I was making walking lunges with 45 lbs with no hard difficulties.
So, this is my Wod and next will be on friday. Tomorrow
I will go to have a good session of climbing 🙂

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