Since when McDonalds became healthy food? It is amazing how much marketing can do…You put green colour and everything looks much better than harsh reality…

Fit For Real Life

SIGH….This ridiculousness was in the runners’ packets at the recent Chicago Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon. THE RUNNERS PACKETS.

You guys are totally smarter than this, yeah?

  • Calorie TYPE matters, not just calorie COUNT. Danielle made an excellent comment on Stephen Guyenet’s blog on this matter, “I still don’t understand how any academic in nutrition can truly believe that a calorie is a calorie. Yes, one unit of energy is still one unit of energy, but once it enters the mouth we have absorption and fermentation in the gut, liver metabolism to deal with, and then once in the bloodstream, who says that calorie will be destined to be used for energy anyway. There are hormonal responses to different macronutrients playing a role and many further downstream effects on metabolism. Saying a calorie is a calorie is being completely blind to how complex human metabolism really is.
  • McD’s does…

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It’s do much more harder to be consistent in writing blog or anything else as a matter of fact in summer than spring or winter. I have so much more energy to spend that I barely sit down in front of computer. And if I do, it is all about business rather than reflection. What is more, I haven’t been close to computer last week at all as I spent it at my parents-in-law, so I used internet simply for checking emails and nothing more. I have introduced to them yucca and paleo pizza. Surprisingly they liked both of them. I was slightly worried that I might have difficulties with my nutrition before coming to visit them but everything went really well. We had our weekly pizza friday where Keven is usually responsible for making dough from aubergine and I am responsible for toppings. I even got a bit confused when I had to make dough, because I got so used that Keven is making it. After malog dough he usually maked bouillon from aubergine juice, scraps of veggies and bones that we collect during the week in our freezer. Especially because commercial stock is out of option. Have you ever checked the ingredients of dry stock cubes? It’s horrible how much sh..t is in it. I haven’t been making any new recipes recently, just using all the old ones, such as chilli, yucca fries, spicy chicken livers, pork tenderloin, tuna salad (with or without tuna), slaw salad, omelet with spinash or greens, pork ribs with the rub that I made some time ago and that will probably last for at least 6 months, chicken or chicken legs made in oven and organic pork sausages is pretty all that we eat recently. Occasionally I do make fudge with sunbutter, but mainly I have my dessert as frozen berries with coconut milk, 100% cacao, coconut flakes and “Enjoy life” chocolate chips. Best dessert ever 🙂 so my culinary adventures seem to have stopped for a while, probably I will feel the urge to get something new on the table. However, I do make every week mayo, barbeque sauce, sunshine sauce from sunbutter and tahini sauce. I also made coriander sauce ( not a big fan, so did not post recipe) and pesto (still sits in the fridge as without pasta it is hard to use it:) ).
Going back to my visit to my parents in law: main goal for going there was to practise my french as they don’t speak english and to get them used to Nora, because they were petrified when we told them that we are getting pitbull. Soon they learned that little dogs are much more agressive than big ones and that they have to worry much more about the behavior of chihuaha that pitbull. I almost got into fight eith my sister in law, who owns chihuaha, because her dog was attacking mine and I said that she needs to get her dog socialised or she wilk have to worry for minimum next 10 years about our dogs being close to each other, because it is not my dog who is attacking. Anyhow, I had really nice week and brough back some weights that Keven had at his parents place, so now I can practise and work out much more often. I also started to follow Wods from “Give them steel” website for conditioning and strenght training, so I do train 6 times a week, plus bike and climbing. I also try at least couple times a week to have 2 sessions a day which is much more easy to do now. Luckily to me, my husband is still stronger that me, so we can challenge each other by making snatches, hang cleans and other weight training. I am lucky to have such a supportive partner 🙂

Beautiful Architecture


oh gosh….that is a question….I am european, I love european cities and their old towns….My favourite cities: Rome, Genoa, Vilnius, Tallinn and Barcelona. But I believe everyone has their own images that they like. I love Vilnius because I am from Lithuania and it is really beautiful…I should say that the old town in some sense it is very italian, as houses are painted in pastel colours. And it is super green, there are many parks, where you can chill around as well as many beautiful yards…I love Rome, because of all the history and all the small streets and its very own specific aura, though I would never live in Rome. I love Barcelona, because it has beautiful architecture (who does not know Gaudi and his works), balconies with load of flowers, seaside and sea breeze. I love Genoa, because it is a first foreign city that I spend load of time in and because it has long history of sea trading, so it has lots of influence of various cultures. I love Quebec, because it is so european that I feel at home 🙂

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On Same-Sex Marriage

I think that it is a personal decision for people to join lives together whether they are married or not. I really don't think that my approval change anything. However, I believe that everyone hae a right to be happy, whether they they have partner of the same or opposite sex. Marriage, for me, is a commitment for life, so if someone decides to make a conscious commitment why should i be against it?

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TV Commercials

Long time ago I decided not to watch TV, so I haven't had TV for at least 5 years, so it is hard for me to tell whether commercials are annoying or entertaining. Whenever I want to watch something, I choose streaming, so obviously their commercials are annoying as much as can be something annoying for couple seconds until you close the window. However, I think that commercials in general are just to create need for something that you actually don't need, to empower consumer society.

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WOD 18th july

Yesterday i had my 3 consecutive day training of Crossfit and it is something that I haven’t done before. Remember when I had 2 days, day off, 1 day and it was definitely no good? So, having training 3 days in a row seems to be perfectly fine. I had no problema at all and did not feel tired and fatigued. Yesterday training was strengh training, so good oposition to cardio of the day before. I decided to tackle 105lbs barbell and I did not plan to finish on the same weight but I did. I think a lot mean that it was only me and the other gyy in the training session, so our couch was pushinh and supporting a lot. I did not aim for speed, I was aiming at perfecting my technique and working on eliminating my round back. Having said that:

9 power clean + front squat -105 lbs
400 m run
21 dumbell thrusters 35lbs each hand
12 power clean + front squat
400 m run
15 db thrusters
15 power clean + front squat
400m run
9 db thrusters

Time: 24:19min. It was super hard to make last set of cleans and after that to run those 400m. I was sooook tempted to cut some corner of my run that I had really motivate myself not to do it. The fact that I just managed to make 15 power cleans and front squats 80% of my body weigh definitely helped, so I finished the run 🙂

WOD2 was more of my style and I was absolutely aiming for speed and making all exercises unbroken:
50 abdos
40 release push ups
30 air squats
20 burpees
10 Cousins 16lbs ball

Time: 6:30min. I waisted quite load of time trying to understand how to make last exercise, but finally I tackled it 🙂

WOD 17th June

Are you good at double unders?

I am not, so I am glad that last week I decided to tackle that problem and
at least learned how to make single jump, double unders, single, double-unders. I am still not able just to
do double unders without having single jump in between. However, last week, I was happy when I managed to make 20 jumps without stopping. Guess what was the WOD of today? a million double unders….literally…I could choose to make single jumps, but decided to slay this dragon and better not to be the fastest but go with double unders…So, todays WOD:

Time cap 40mins:

  • 500 double unders
  • 1500m row (on 10th difficulty)
  • 150m over hear walking lunges (30lbs)

I did manage to fit into the time cap and made it in 37:37min. walking lunges were super hard after all these jumps and it was raining as crazy and we had to do it outside. Not to mention that I was already soaking wet when I arrived to the gym and obviously did even have a change of socks with me. But, as I always say: “C’est la vie”. I had to make back home anyway in the same pouring rain, so what difference does it make. It is still raining now 🙂

For a finisher we had:

AMRAP 6 mins.

Result: 3 rounds. Finished just before time finished. Now I am limiting my rest intervals and try to go either unbroken for or rest 5 secs. After making a round, I took like 10-15secs. break. It really makes all the difference. I felt much more energized towards the end than at the beginning. I planned to make other WOD, but the Crossfit room was occupied, so I decided to save my energy for tomorrow training, as I am leaving tomorrow to visit my parents in law, so now I am kind of imitating Crossfit games with my training intensity. I tried to make a back squat yesterday holding Keven on my shoulders, but still not strong enough. Hopefully next week 🙂 Then I would have reached 180 lbs of live weight. I am able to carry him around though pretty easily now 🙂


Monday mini training marathon

So, today I decided to push to the hardest and have two training of CF, one from my box and the other from internet, following typical 7km bike ride home and adding 400m swim at max effort. it was intense, but I really enjoyed it and I wasn’t that tired. I was checking my time in swimming a bit and have I had made 50m in front crawl style at ~50sec. and 50m. in breaststroke at ~60secs. I haven’t been swimming since winter, so I suppose my time is actually not good at all, but anyways…..

WOD1: AMRAP 11min.

  • 12 Wall Balls (16 lbs)
  • 6 box jump with WB (with ball in hands) (23″)

Result: 8+12 rounds.  

WOD2: AMRAP 11min.

  • 6 double KB swing (35lbs each hand)
  • 12 KB squat (same 35 lbs)

Result: 8+1 rounds.

That was WODs of my box. Then I took a short break and made the following WODs


  • 3 sets 3 reps;
  • Back Squat
  • rest 90secs between sets.

Result: 140lbs. Started with 115 lbs for first set, then made 135 lbs next set and 140 lbs last set. I was nice to push myself to go really low and then go up.

WOD 4:

30-20-10 reps;

Result: 13:10min. It took me time to figure out the best arm positioning for this WOD as I have never done power cleans with DB and definitely never done that with 2 of them 🙂 But once I got it, it went much faster.

I was swimming in my sweat after finishing last WOD, but it was an amazing feeling knowing that I have pushed myself really hard and I felt pleased hearing others calling me a machine :))) I am not, but I would love to become really strong. Since I have moved to Quebec I don’t have that much pictures made with me, but I wanted to inspire my friends who want to workout, but don’t have enough will power or motivation. So, the other day, I took picture and posted it on my Facebook and the response was amazing. Everyone got crazy seeing how fit I became and wish they could do the same  🙂

Ups…I haven’t written for so long…

It has been a long time since I wrote here, probably more than a week. No, i did not stop working out and I did not stop cooking, I just did not have time to sit and think through what I want to write about. I finished my job last week, so now I am officially for long hollidays and officially enjoying summer and working out.
I get much more involved in social life that after 2,5 years in Barcelona, working in hostel, irish pub and being a team leader for party night tour i wasn’t having that much energy and interest for:) but now I start going out more and meeting more people, plus my french improved a lot, so that I can actually have decent conversations with people and they do understand me 🙂 all of this thanks to Nora, because since I got her, I get stopped every day in the street.
So, I went to couple Meetup meeting, one of which was strawberry picking on Saturday. I was really happy to find strawberries without pesticides, so I tried to pick as much ad I can. Actually I did return there on wednesday to get more strawberries as Ireally dkn’t want to pay later in winter high price for “dirty” ones. So, I made huge batch of frozen strawberries and some jars of strawberry jam with honey, agar agar and ginger. Of course, Keven was asking why do ee need jam if we don’t eat bread and don’t make pancakes or crepes. But, actually we do make paleo crepes and pancakes and plus, if one day I will want the sweetness of summer, I will have my jam 🙂

The other Meetup meeting was barbeque on Tuesday where I har so much fun practising my french and enjoying nice company. It is so funny that even though it is expat meeting, everyone speak french. It was kind weird to speak in french with girl from german part of Switzerland and I do speak German. But why not 🙂

Also, last wekend i had couchsurfers staying over. It was a couple that I stayed with when I went to Montreal for Toefl exam this winter. We went to some amazing shows that Quebec offers. All the summer there is a Cirque du Soleil show that is for free. It is an amazing oportunity to see all the performers doing incredible trick and dances. I was amazed and felt honored to have an oportunity to see it. As well as biggest screen in the world where they show abstract history of Quebec and it is sooo impresive. All the images are really well chosen, as well as music. That was definitely one of the most impressive things I have ever seen.

Not to forget to mention that there is Quebec summer festival happening, so for 11 days there are loads of concerts. I went to see Lionel Ritchie and got shouted by some old ladies that I stand in front of them and they were really agressive. Probably Lionel Ritchie is their idol. Anyhow, I was bored after second song, so I left and went to vheck to the other scene and was really pleasantly suprised and enjoyed listening to quebecois band “City and Colors”. Really good discovery.

Yesterday I went for Aerosmith, I though that I would be impressed but I wasn’t, I was much more impressed by the amount of people that came to ser them. I think it was a least 100 000. It took lkng time to find a spot and long time to leave. For me the concerts fel so surreal if you are not close to the stage. When you are far away and only see some vague figure on the scene moving and close up image on the screen, you start wondering whether anything is real. It is such a weird feeling. Like being there and not being at th same time, so for me there is no point going to the concert if I am not really close to the scene and if I can’t feel the energy of the artist. And tonight is Beirut concert that I am psyched to see. This is one of my favourite bands and I plan to go few hours before to make sure to be as close as possible to the scene.

I was also working out on estimating my overall fitness, so I have been workin on some challenges, like plan for 4mins, L-Sit for 30secs, run 3 miles (made it in 28:22min), 50 pistol challenge, hanstand for more than 1 min, row 3km and making handstand pushups (managed 8 in a row). I also was focusing this week on weight lifting techique and heavier weights rather than faster performance.

And last but not least I learned how to repair my bike. Watched some video and decided to make it myself which incuded changing tube of back rear tire and installing bycicle computer. Bike is riding, computer is working 😉

And of course, training my doggie to be a perfect dog 🙂

WODs June 29th and 30th

I had really good rest this week, so I was pushing my limits for the workouts on Friday and Saturday. I took almost no rest and really worked hard with bigger wights and aiming for rest marker (high level). I achieved  both days red marker and I had an opportunity to nail my handstand push ups, because they were part of challenges both days. I felt really lucky that I have decided this week to work on handstand push ups, so I was practising a lot handstand which gave me a lot of confidence for actually performing handstand push ups. My leg muscles are soooore from yesterday pistols, because when I counted at the end of the day it was 100 pistols per leg and I made all of them unassisted. But I feel good and I feel proud and I feel improving a lot.

WOD 29th June

Rowing push ups were taking a lot of time and I was really having hard time to make 20 thrusters with 35 lbs dumbbells, because obviously one arm is stronger than the other, so it was hard to keep them both together overhead, especially around 15th repetition 🙂

My time in the red zone was 32:45min.  and I finished it first, but I worked really hard for that 🙂

Yesterdays workout also included handstand pushups and I also decided to check my running time, to know where I would fall in general level of Crossfit. I had 400m run and it took me 1:25min. which I was really happy about, because my goal was to be under 1:30min. However, I have to increase to be under 1:10min.

That seemed as very very long 5 rounds, I took 30lbs dumbbell for waiter walks and it was really easy and I could actually rest during this exercise, to get my breath for handstand pushups and pistols. My time was 25:45min. and I can feel very much the results of this workout on the soreness of my body.