WODs June 29th and 30th

I had really good rest this week, so I was pushing my limits for the workouts on Friday and Saturday. I took almost no rest and really worked hard with bigger wights and aiming for rest marker (high level). I achieved  both days red marker and I had an opportunity to nail my handstand push ups, because they were part of challenges both days. I felt really lucky that I have decided this week to work on handstand push ups, so I was practising a lot handstand which gave me a lot of confidence for actually performing handstand push ups. My leg muscles are soooore from yesterday pistols, because when I counted at the end of the day it was 100 pistols per leg and I made all of them unassisted. But I feel good and I feel proud and I feel improving a lot.

WOD 29th June

Rowing push ups were taking a lot of time and I was really having hard time to make 20 thrusters with 35 lbs dumbbells, because obviously one arm is stronger than the other, so it was hard to keep them both together overhead, especially around 15th repetition 🙂

My time in the red zone was 32:45min.  and I finished it first, but I worked really hard for that 🙂

Yesterdays workout also included handstand pushups and I also decided to check my running time, to know where I would fall in general level of Crossfit. I had 400m run and it took me 1:25min. which I was really happy about, because my goal was to be under 1:30min. However, I have to increase to be under 1:10min.

That seemed as very very long 5 rounds, I took 30lbs dumbbell for waiter walks and it was really easy and I could actually rest during this exercise, to get my breath for handstand pushups and pistols. My time was 25:45min. and I can feel very much the results of this workout on the soreness of my body.


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