WOD 18th july

Yesterday i had my 3 consecutive day training of Crossfit and it is something that I haven’t done before. Remember when I had 2 days, day off, 1 day and it was definitely no good? So, having training 3 days in a row seems to be perfectly fine. I had no problema at all and did not feel tired and fatigued. Yesterday training was strengh training, so good oposition to cardio of the day before. I decided to tackle 105lbs barbell and I did not plan to finish on the same weight but I did. I think a lot mean that it was only me and the other gyy in the training session, so our couch was pushinh and supporting a lot. I did not aim for speed, I was aiming at perfecting my technique and working on eliminating my round back. Having said that:

9 power clean + front squat -105 lbs
400 m run
21 dumbell thrusters 35lbs each hand
12 power clean + front squat
400 m run
15 db thrusters
15 power clean + front squat
400m run
9 db thrusters

Time: 24:19min. It was super hard to make last set of cleans and after that to run those 400m. I was sooook tempted to cut some corner of my run that I had really motivate myself not to do it. The fact that I just managed to make 15 power cleans and front squats 80% of my body weigh definitely helped, so I finished the run 🙂

WOD2 was more of my style and I was absolutely aiming for speed and making all exercises unbroken:
50 abdos
40 release push ups
30 air squats
20 burpees
10 Cousins 16lbs ball

Time: 6:30min. I waisted quite load of time trying to understand how to make last exercise, but finally I tackled it 🙂

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