Beautiful Architecture


oh gosh….that is a question….I am european, I love european cities and their old towns….My favourite cities: Rome, Genoa, Vilnius, Tallinn and Barcelona. But I believe everyone has their own images that they like. I love Vilnius because I am from Lithuania and it is really beautiful…I should say that the old town in some sense it is very italian, as houses are painted in pastel colours. And it is super green, there are many parks, where you can chill around as well as many beautiful yards…I love Rome, because of all the history and all the small streets and its very own specific aura, though I would never live in Rome. I love Barcelona, because it has beautiful architecture (who does not know Gaudi and his works), balconies with load of flowers, seaside and sea breeze. I love Genoa, because it is a first foreign city that I spend load of time in and because it has long history of sea trading, so it has lots of influence of various cultures. I love Quebec, because it is so european that I feel at home 🙂

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