It’s do much more harder to be consistent in writing blog or anything else as a matter of fact in summer than spring or winter. I have so much more energy to spend that I barely sit down in front of computer. And if I do, it is all about business rather than reflection. What is more, I haven’t been close to computer last week at all as I spent it at my parents-in-law, so I used internet simply for checking emails and nothing more. I have introduced to them yucca and paleo pizza. Surprisingly they liked both of them. I was slightly worried that I might have difficulties with my nutrition before coming to visit them but everything went really well. We had our weekly pizza friday where Keven is usually responsible for making dough from aubergine and I am responsible for toppings. I even got a bit confused when I had to make dough, because I got so used that Keven is making it. After malog dough he usually maked bouillon from aubergine juice, scraps of veggies and bones that we collect during the week in our freezer. Especially because commercial stock is out of option. Have you ever checked the ingredients of dry stock cubes? It’s horrible how much sh..t is in it. I haven’t been making any new recipes recently, just using all the old ones, such as chilli, yucca fries, spicy chicken livers, pork tenderloin, tuna salad (with or without tuna), slaw salad, omelet with spinash or greens, pork ribs with the rub that I made some time ago and that will probably last for at least 6 months, chicken or chicken legs made in oven and organic pork sausages is pretty all that we eat recently. Occasionally I do make fudge with sunbutter, but mainly I have my dessert as frozen berries with coconut milk, 100% cacao, coconut flakes and “Enjoy life” chocolate chips. Best dessert ever 🙂 so my culinary adventures seem to have stopped for a while, probably I will feel the urge to get something new on the table. However, I do make every week mayo, barbeque sauce, sunshine sauce from sunbutter and tahini sauce. I also made coriander sauce ( not a big fan, so did not post recipe) and pesto (still sits in the fridge as without pasta it is hard to use it:) ).
Going back to my visit to my parents in law: main goal for going there was to practise my french as they don’t speak english and to get them used to Nora, because they were petrified when we told them that we are getting pitbull. Soon they learned that little dogs are much more agressive than big ones and that they have to worry much more about the behavior of chihuaha that pitbull. I almost got into fight eith my sister in law, who owns chihuaha, because her dog was attacking mine and I said that she needs to get her dog socialised or she wilk have to worry for minimum next 10 years about our dogs being close to each other, because it is not my dog who is attacking. Anyhow, I had really nice week and brough back some weights that Keven had at his parents place, so now I can practise and work out much more often. I also started to follow Wods from “Give them steel” website for conditioning and strenght training, so I do train 6 times a week, plus bike and climbing. I also try at least couple times a week to have 2 sessions a day which is much more easy to do now. Luckily to me, my husband is still stronger that me, so we can challenge each other by making snatches, hang cleans and other weight training. I am lucky to have such a supportive partner 🙂

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