Since when McDonalds became healthy food? It is amazing how much marketing can do…You put green colour and everything looks much better than harsh reality…

Fit For Real Life

SIGH….This ridiculousness was in the runners’ packets at the recent Chicago Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon. THE RUNNERS PACKETS.

You guys are totally smarter than this, yeah?

  • Calorie TYPE matters, not just calorie COUNT. Danielle made an excellent comment on Stephen Guyenet’s blog on this matter, “I still don’t understand how any academic in nutrition can truly believe that a calorie is a calorie. Yes, one unit of energy is still one unit of energy, but once it enters the mouth we have absorption and fermentation in the gut, liver metabolism to deal with, and then once in the bloodstream, who says that calorie will be destined to be used for energy anyway. There are hormonal responses to different macronutrients playing a role and many further downstream effects on metabolism. Saying a calorie is a calorie is being completely blind to how complex human metabolism really is.
  • McD’s does…

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