My todays WOD was this one. Felt both…good and bad….bad about my technique on Oly, probably just should take an hour of couch to work on technique, rather than relying on strength, which is happening right now…

The Outlaw Way

I was going to write a fairly in depth post about the reasoning for WODs that are sometimes a bit longer than 12 minutes. I’ve had some good discussions with people today about this topic, and am actually kind of excited to explain the method behind some of the WODs. However, I’ve got a bunch of shit to post tonight—for the Training CampsWorld Tour—so you’ll have to wait until Monday.

The tour dates that I’m posting tonight will be live at 9:00AM EST. Please remember to pay before you register. Your spot is guaranteed once you have paid, so if PayPal allows you to register you are in (you still need to fill out a registration form).

Side note: I have an announcement that is so exciting I currently have urine dripping down my leg (too much?). Sorry to tease, but it’s really pretty cool. Details next week.

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