New PR and bloody Diane

New week, fresh start 🙂 Todays training consisted of skill set and some oly wod. for the skill set we had 12min. time cap to make 6 x 3 power snatch+OHS@max. My goal was to go over 100lbs, but after watching snatch challenge of Crossfit games 2009, my goal was to snatch 115lbs. I started light, because wanted muscles to get warm and build my confidence. First round 65lbs, was super easy. Second, 95lbs, third, decided to take more and snatched 105lbs, 3 times with OHS. Yuppi…though OHS were a bit unstable….Then loaded bar to 115lbs, took a deep breath and snatched it..a bit unstable, but still, got it first try…OHS managed to go only half way, no good…and then…my power switch was off…could not get bar overhead again. Probably just needed to get those 115lbs and then that’s it. Anyways….my record…

Todays WOD was brutal. Time cap:30mins. 

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps of:

  • DB snatch (each arm) 30lbs
  • Power clean @105lbs
  • Squat clean  @105lbs
  • Push jerk  @105lbs
  • V-sit
  • RESULT: 7+18 rounds. 

It was great WOD to work on technique, especially of squat clean, which I find much more hard that power clean. Probably because it it much more technical and maybe I still use too much power cleaning instead of going onder bar, cause now I get half clean and super deep front squat 🙂 And I really appreciated to work on my jerk technique, I think it is coming…Some of them felt really really good and properly done, like as if I was using no power just managing inertia.

Then….little break and what do you think was for Outlaw training? JERK 1RM. Did I have any power to do it? NO. I tried. I took rest and some stretching for 20mins. Loaded bar on the rack for 115lbs, put it on my shoulders, took position, deep breath and….put it back on the rack. The  CF workout with million of cleans and jerks took all my explosive power. So, then I decided to tackle the second part of Outlaw training which was conditioning and it was famous Diane. Never done it, always wanted….did not trust my ability to make big amount of HSPU at the same time and in general of my ability to perform them fast, because I don’t practice them (my fault, will fix it). So, “Diane” is classical benchmark WOD, which consist of:

21-15-9 reps of:

  • Deadlifts 155lbs
  • HSPU (regional requirements)

RESULT: 10:07min. I was really disappointed with such a result. If I would have been in regional, I would have been eliminated, because time cap for Diane was 9mins. I really have to work on my HSPU and it took me to go super slowly through the first 21 until I started to become faster. My goal for next time, probably next month, to make it at least 5mins. faster that today.


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