Book review: ¨Beauty junkies. Inside our $15billion obsession with cosmetic surgery¨


Last month I read a book of Alex Kuczynski about plastic surgeries and the obsession with that. The author is a journalist, so she is not only giving her personal perspective towards cosmetic surgeries, but also provide some data and valuable information as well as introducing us to the history of plastic surgery. Author herself is a beauty junkie and she raised a question where is the line between being beauty junkie that can`t live without plastic surgeries and taking care of yourself. She even went that far once that offered her mom to get some botox, because she has too many wrinkles. Since when having wrinkles is a bad thing? There are so many different sides of cosmetic surgery: wrinkle fillers, such as botox is one of the most common ones, boob job, teeth job, nose job, fat removal, face lift, lip fillers and list goes on insanely. So, what is beautiful?  Quting the book:

¨There are so many ways to make beauty into political issue and a point of debate as there are definitions of what is beautiful. On a personal level, symmetrical faces, bright white teeth, good physical carriage are things that matter. Additionally, our lack of self-consciousness, an unawareness of our looks, plays a large role in other`s perception of our beauty and always was. In 1500s Baldassare Castiglione whore his etiquette manual Book of Courtier that a beautiful woman appears beautiful only if it is clear that she is not seeking approval for her beauty, if her ¨gestures are simple and natural, without working at being beautiful.¨ «…» We embrace the extreme procedures that we believe will make us beautiful, that will detonate desire in others. On long Island, New York, girls graduating from high school receive gifts of breast implants from their parents. In China, on the island of hainan, patients check into 12,000-square-foot plastic surgery hospital called Dreaming Girl`s Fantasy for extensive head-to-toe cosmetic reworking. In Beijing, women from all over China compete in the Miss Plastic Surgery competition¨.

So this is the world that we live in. The author herself had fat removal from her thights that she later on regretted because of all the pain and complication and  she admitted to herself that she just had to go for a running one hour every day for a month and all the fat would have been gone. So, maybe before making any enhancements to the body is simply better to think and stop of what can be done without laying on surgical table. And even if nothing can be done, maybe, just maybe it is just the way it is supposed to be, because we were born this way. I do not promote laziness and not taking care of yourself, I am just saying that there is no point of going into extremities with your body, because there always will be someone around looking better that you, no matter how hard you will try, because the grass is always greener on the other side.

So, for a conclusion, I do recommend reading this book, just because it is always useful to expand your point of view and it is an easy read that does not require too much attention.

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