Truffles a la Paleo

Karyne, the mother of girls that I work with as a nanny, was curious to try some paleo dessert, so she bought coconut and dates last week. Today I was really not busy, so I decided to make her happy and make something out of coconut and dates. The coconut that I had was pretty small, but it was enought to make 15 truffles and have some shredded one for coating.
For truffles you will need:
-2 cups of pitted dates
-1 cup of sliced coconut meat ( if you dont have, use unsweetened shredded coconut
-2 tbsp 100% cacao
– a bit of lime zest ( can be lemon) (optional)
-1 tsp of vanilla extract (optional)
– shredded coconut for coating


Put into food processor dates and coconut. Pulse until it becomes like paste. If it is really sticky and blocking blade, add a splash of coconut milk, but just a little bit. Add cacao, vanilla, zest and mix well. Use wet hands to form little balls and roll them in shredded coconut till it is all covered. I placed them in metal box and put in fridge to be less soft. Yummi!!!

P.S. For shredded coconut I used coconut meat that was left and blended it with coconut water. Then I used sieve to separate liquid (coconut milk) and flesh. Press much liquid as possible from flesh, place flesh on cookie sheet in 350F oven for 10mins. or so to dry. Now you got homemade coconut milk and shredded coconut ( if you use blended for this once more, you would have coconut flour:) ) If my explanation of process seems confusing just check some youtube videos :)))