My new books

yesterday I received my books from Amazon and already started digging into them…As my newest passions are nutrition and dog, so naturally books are about that. So, I got 4 books:

Gary Taubes “Good calories, Bad calories”. I read lots of good reviews about this book and decided that it is definitely worth to have at home and read it thoroughly, because I definitely can confirm that low fat diet is not working and actually high fat diet is much better option. But still I want to have as clear as possible picture of how my body works and what it is best for it. (even though I have to admit that Paleo diet and reading about it and taking Whole30 challenge helped a lot to get a picture). At the same time, I remember that lets say 5 years ago, for me it was too much even to understand what it is proteins, carbs and fats, I simply was saying that I have no idea what all these numbers in labels mean and I actually had no idea, so I am very proud that I evolved so much in my understanding about nutrition and what is what.

Julie and Charles Mayfield “Paleo Comfort foods”. Again, after going through many reviews, I decided that this would be book to have and it looks really promising. I am gonna try to make tomorrow some meatballs, though I will have to omit some ingredients as my Whole30 challenge is not over, so no sauce with red wine for me, even if it is only 2 tbsp. I have less than a week left for the challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ The other book that I definitely want to have is by Melissa Joulwan “Well Fed”, as I love ย her website and tried many recipes and she seems to be really good cook.




Bastin, Ashton and Nixon, D.V.M. “Better food for Dogs”

It took us a long time to choose the dog food that would satisfy our requirements and would be as healthy as possible. After reading a lot of labels and ingredient lists, checking online and etc. we decided to feed Nora with Orijen brand dog food. It is canadian and it seems to use whole food rather than protein by-products and is not full of preservatives. However, ย I know that best would be to make food for dog ourselves and I don’t mind doing that, so I wanted to have book about dog nutrition. It is not as complete as I would like it to be and I would like to have more recipes in there simply because they make differentiation by dog weight and then provide recipes, but same recipes go for 15 lbs dog and 45 lbs dog just it calls for different quantities of ingredients which I would have adjusted by myself, so for me it is basically waste of paper. Instead I would have suggested simply to provide recipe for 10 lbs of dog weight and multiply according to actual weight. Apart from that book contains really useful information on dog nutrition, on supplements and vitamins and nutrient requirements according to adult dog weight. Anyhow, I still can’t use the recipes in there yet as Nora is a puppy and puppies need a lot of different elements to grow healthy and strong, so for a while I will stick with pre-made dog food. Still, I made for her today Carrot and Cinnamon Puppy Treats as to introduce different tread for training sessions.



Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz “The Everything Dog Training and Tricks book”

Even though I have read fairly good amount of books about dog psychology and training, I still wanted to have one book that would be mine and not borrowed from the library and that would include a bit more of tricks for dogs and reviews seemed to favour this book. Time will show, I haven’t read it yet actually.

Nora in the house

Thursday finally we could take our american bully puppy home. We decided to name her Nora, because this name sounds calm and light. It comes from Eleonora, which means light and also in Lithuanian “nor as” means “a wish”. So, she is our little wish ๐Ÿ™‚

I know it might sound very sided but besides being super cute, she is extremely intelligent and obedient. Seriously….I had many dogs, well, at least few dogs and raised them, but this baby girl is just a star. We had no troubles with her the first night. Keven simply stayed a bit with her, then covered her with his t-shirt, placed her plush toy on her back and she was sleeping all night with no problems. On friday I was staying at home with her, teaching her to be alone in her territory. She is peeing just on the newspaper, even though she was not house trained, she already responds to her name and to the command “sit”. I can’t wait to see how it will go on, but as for the first two days I would say that she is a dream dog of every dog owner, definitely ours ๐Ÿ™‚ It brings so much joy just having a dog around and I am very happy to have one now and I hope that she will be an excellent example of her breed and a proof that it’s not the breed that we have to be afraid of, but irresponsible owners. This is what we are trying to teach Keven’s parents, because they were super scared when we said that we are gonna get a pit bull puppy, because they heard that they are dangerous and so on, so they made an assumptions that our dog also will be dangerous. However, they already softened ย and maybe they will even meet Nora tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

New family member

Eomehiw I forgot to mention this in here, but we are getting a puppy. A beautiful grey pitbull girl. I have never imagined that this day would come, because Keven never had a dog and so he did not want to have a dog. Then he got used seeing me getting alm mellow about the dogs and how much I adore them. You could never see me smiling in the street with sweetest smile in the world for other human being, not even a baby, but show me a beautiful dog or almost any pupoy and I melt. So, I have been putting silemtly the idea of having a dog for some time into Keven’s head. Half a year into our relationship I told him that we won’t have kids before we will have dog and there is no chance in the world that I would not have a dog in my life, cause I grew up having dogs. So we agreed to have labrador or golden retriever. Even though I have a soft spot for strong breed dogs, like boxer, rottweiler, american staffordshire terrier and pitbull terrier. I just love all this muscular power in them and incredible loyalty for their owner.
So, we decided to get a puppy and started watching all training videos and reading a material. We watched Dog Whisperer and thanks to that Keven started appreciating pitbull breed and found them beautiful. So, he wasn’t that cathegorical about owning one of them and one of his acquantances from university put pictures of puppies in her FB profile. She still had 3 girls left to pick and they were totally adorable ad well as their parents…we chose a puppy that was lower level of energy and not that much food oriented. She was just really calm and I believe that she will be a great companion for us…
I am so excited to get Nora home and it is only few days left…