Saturday morning Education

You know what is great about all the social media? That you end up exposed to things that you maybe would not have seen. This morning, I made my morning smoothie and coffee, sat in front of computer and checked my FB. I am lucky to know people from all walks of life and this time my attention was caught by link posted by a friend from my times in university where I was studying philosophy. Not only it is a great video and very nicely done, it also brought many memories as I highly respect Spinoza and his way of thinking and he was first philosopher that I wrote a paper on that appeared to be in philosophical conference. So, this video brought back all the memories of analyzing some part of Spinoza “Ethics” and going through the proofs of existence of God and how much into it I was. Sometimes I wish to go back to study, I still feel great need for intellectual stimulation, but at the same time I know that even though I have a great capacity for analyzing, I am not that much of creative type and probably would never end up being a creative thinker. So, I don’t think that academic career would be best option for me, however, I can tell you that I utterly enjoyed my years of studying and being buried among the books 🙂

My learning project

right…so, I was laying in the bed and thinking about today if I had learned something as I promised myself to learn and I suddenly realized that I did, even if I did not make myself to fixate it and even if every day I do not write down what I learned though I should. So, today I learned how to crochet had with earflaps.  I wanted to have one and I disliked the one that I made before so I remade it. Yesterday I was working with kids and it means waking up really early, going with bus for an hour and spending nine ours with two toddlers who are adorable but as I am learning to deal with them, requires immense amount of energy. So, sometimes I just feel like watching TV shows (my sin) and I have been watching “Parenthood” ( somewhat I justify it as kind of educational for my nanny job (this is one more project of mine, I just can’t imagine having children without having experience, so while I am waiting for the results from universities and can’t work officially I decided to gain this type of experience)). However, I always feel a bit bad when I am watching TV shows, so normally I either workout or do some mechanical crafts. Today it was crocheting a hat 🙂


I found the pattern online, it was called Peruvian earflap hat. I think it came out quite nice and I hope that I will be wearing it quite a lot  🙂

So, I was reflecting back what else I have been learning recently and probably it would be children psychology. Since I got this job with two girls of 16 months and 2,5 years, I have been learning a lot about toddler psychology, then learning to apply it practically. The girls are french, so I have been learning french constantly, because there is no escape with english. I am not surprised that after working day I am exhausted, because it is constant pressure from learning perspective. I love it though. It just shows that every experience in life is useful and, to be honest, I never actually thought that I would be able to babysit someone in my life. There is so much learning in their life of the abilities that we take for granted that it astonishes me and I try to help their development as much as I can. Once we have something in our automatic memory, we don’t think anymore how to use utensils, how to use toilet, how to jump, how to roll, how to recognize shapes and colors, how to draw a line, or a circle, how to express ourselves, how to dress ourselves, how to undress ourselves, how to walk, how to climb up and down the stair, how to feel music and dance, how to dance, how to hold the pencil and so much more. So, I am learning with them, I learn to appreciate again what I already know how to do and I feel happy for every progress that they make .

Browsing the web and learning

Left Brain Simulation 7

Image by Paige Marie via Flickr

So, my todays learning basically consisted of browsing web and getting new ideas about what I would like to do and where I would like to go….

It is very in concrete, but I feel that at least I found out something new, especially that would help me to organize my thought and plans.

So, todays discoveries would be:

I am listening to it right now. My husband find it a bit annoying, but I prefer this rather than all various sounds coming from outside.

Still have to figure out how exactly it works, but basically you create trigger and action and you relate them to different social and media platforms that belongs to you – IF THAT THEN THAT.

Great application for improving your reading  speed. Tested it with reading some text in psychology at the speed of 450wpm and it is crazy, but I love it.

Basically it is the platform to organize your ideas.

I love reading book, so I am pretty sure that I will benefit from, this website and definitely get ideas about what to read next.

When I will feel that I do not have what to write in my blog, this website definitely will help me at least to get some idea by posting a question….and then I can browse and find the texts that I like and that would inspire me….

and last but not least:

I think that it will be a great tool for my organization skill improvement and clarifying ideas, plus nothing will get lost…I am all over the place.

Plus I use some apps on my computer such as  “quick note” and  “producteev” that should boost me when I am offline.

Looks like today I would be able to sleep without much worries as I have learned something new 🙂