8.12.12 and Ring Muscle-Ups

I forgot to write down or download Outlaw workout today, so I was left with no workout from Outlaw, just did Blackbox WOD. I intended to reach snatch 1 RM max., but stayed at the same 110#. However, these 110# now become everyday thing rather than something hard to achieve, which means that soon I should pass this limit.

Skills : Score = 6RM
6 Front squats @ Max
Time cap = 8 minutes
Result: 80kg. Intended to do 85kg, but after 4 reps I could not continue. However, 80kg=176# 🙂

WOD : 2 Rounds
30 Mountain climbers
15 Db Sotts press @15#

3 Rounds
20 V-Sit tuck
10 Toes to bar

4 Rounds
10 Burpees over the bar
5 Sumo deadlift @100kg
RESULT: 9:39mins. I consider this easy workout, hardest part was simply to keep doing those burpees, but other than than….I almost did not need to rest.

for 15mins:
1min. plank
20 abs in a minute
That was nice workout. I could feel my abs a bit burning, but did not find it difficult. Somehow felt super strong today.

After that I was helping my team mate with HSPU and Muscle Ups progressions, because we signed up for the competition. My first competition:
Feel super excited about that! However, there is job to be done and my biggest concern so far were muscle ups. And I got them! TODAY. my first muscle ups, totally unexpected, could not be happier…Made one, went to anounce all my friends….came back…made second one to be sure that I actually got this. I do! How cool is that? I call is my 9 months of crossfit “baby”. It took me 9 months to be able to make first muscle ups. But I know that now it will become easier and easier, because if I get something once, then I keep just adding volume.
It’s such a nice feeling….I think I`m gonna make Double layer fudge to celebrate that 🙂

Browsing the web and learning

Left Brain Simulation 7

Image by Paige Marie via Flickr

So, my todays learning basically consisted of browsing web and getting new ideas about what I would like to do and where I would like to go….

It is very in concrete, but I feel that at least I found out something new, especially that would help me to organize my thought and plans.

So, todays discoveries would be:

I am listening to it right now. My husband find it a bit annoying, but I prefer this rather than all various sounds coming from outside.

Still have to figure out how exactly it works, but basically you create trigger and action and you relate them to different social and media platforms that belongs to you – IF THAT THEN THAT.

Great application for improving your reading  speed. Tested it with reading some text in psychology at the speed of 450wpm and it is crazy, but I love it.

Basically it is the platform to organize your ideas.

I love reading book, so I am pretty sure that I will benefit from, this website and definitely get ideas about what to read next.

When I will feel that I do not have what to write in my blog, this website definitely will help me at least to get some idea by posting a question….and then I can browse and find the texts that I like and that would inspire me….

and last but not least:

I think that it will be a great tool for my organization skill improvement and clarifying ideas, plus nothing will get lost…I am all over the place.

Plus I use some apps on my computer such as  “quick note” and  “producteev” that should boost me when I am offline.

Looks like today I would be able to sleep without much worries as I have learned something new 🙂