Ups…I haven’t written for so long…

It has been a long time since I wrote here, probably more than a week. No, i did not stop working out and I did not stop cooking, I just did not have time to sit and think through what I want to write about. I finished my job last week, so now I am officially for long hollidays and officially enjoying summer and working out.
I get much more involved in social life that after 2,5 years in Barcelona, working in hostel, irish pub and being a team leader for party night tour i wasn’t having that much energy and interest for:) but now I start going out more and meeting more people, plus my french improved a lot, so that I can actually have decent conversations with people and they do understand me 🙂 all of this thanks to Nora, because since I got her, I get stopped every day in the street.
So, I went to couple Meetup meeting, one of which was strawberry picking on Saturday. I was really happy to find strawberries without pesticides, so I tried to pick as much ad I can. Actually I did return there on wednesday to get more strawberries as Ireally dkn’t want to pay later in winter high price for “dirty” ones. So, I made huge batch of frozen strawberries and some jars of strawberry jam with honey, agar agar and ginger. Of course, Keven was asking why do ee need jam if we don’t eat bread and don’t make pancakes or crepes. But, actually we do make paleo crepes and pancakes and plus, if one day I will want the sweetness of summer, I will have my jam 🙂

The other Meetup meeting was barbeque on Tuesday where I har so much fun practising my french and enjoying nice company. It is so funny that even though it is expat meeting, everyone speak french. It was kind weird to speak in french with girl from german part of Switzerland and I do speak German. But why not 🙂

Also, last wekend i had couchsurfers staying over. It was a couple that I stayed with when I went to Montreal for Toefl exam this winter. We went to some amazing shows that Quebec offers. All the summer there is a Cirque du Soleil show that is for free. It is an amazing oportunity to see all the performers doing incredible trick and dances. I was amazed and felt honored to have an oportunity to see it. As well as biggest screen in the world where they show abstract history of Quebec and it is sooo impresive. All the images are really well chosen, as well as music. That was definitely one of the most impressive things I have ever seen.

Not to forget to mention that there is Quebec summer festival happening, so for 11 days there are loads of concerts. I went to see Lionel Ritchie and got shouted by some old ladies that I stand in front of them and they were really agressive. Probably Lionel Ritchie is their idol. Anyhow, I was bored after second song, so I left and went to vheck to the other scene and was really pleasantly suprised and enjoyed listening to quebecois band “City and Colors”. Really good discovery.

Yesterday I went for Aerosmith, I though that I would be impressed but I wasn’t, I was much more impressed by the amount of people that came to ser them. I think it was a least 100 000. It took lkng time to find a spot and long time to leave. For me the concerts fel so surreal if you are not close to the stage. When you are far away and only see some vague figure on the scene moving and close up image on the screen, you start wondering whether anything is real. It is such a weird feeling. Like being there and not being at th same time, so for me there is no point going to the concert if I am not really close to the scene and if I can’t feel the energy of the artist. And tonight is Beirut concert that I am psyched to see. This is one of my favourite bands and I plan to go few hours before to make sure to be as close as possible to the scene.

I was also working out on estimating my overall fitness, so I have been workin on some challenges, like plan for 4mins, L-Sit for 30secs, run 3 miles (made it in 28:22min), 50 pistol challenge, hanstand for more than 1 min, row 3km and making handstand pushups (managed 8 in a row). I also was focusing this week on weight lifting techique and heavier weights rather than faster performance.

And last but not least I learned how to repair my bike. Watched some video and decided to make it myself which incuded changing tube of back rear tire and installing bycicle computer. Bike is riding, computer is working 😉

And of course, training my doggie to be a perfect dog 🙂

Awake dreaming

“One’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead” – Oscar Wilde

I’ve been thinking sonoften and torturing myself with distinctik between real life and dream life. The distinction between conscious and unconscious, real and unreal. I am often confused when I feel as if I would seeing my life from outside. That makes me feel as if I would be an object of matrix, especially after having a period of really vivid dreams that resemble so much reality. Then I start wondering what is reality, where is it’s limits. Descarte famously stated “I think, therefore I am”. But then does it mean that when I think in my dream and try to solve problem that occurs in my dream, I am living the dream, so it would be reality given at that moment. Sometimes it is so hard to wake up that silently in my head I wish I would never have to wake up, but I do, because I feel I have, because I don’t want to miss my life.
But sometimes every day life is so routinous that it does not even feel real. There is this saying “Days are long, but years are short”. Sometimes I do feel that my life is a dream, because I can’t tell what I did last week. Well, I can tell, but tgat would be probably the same what I did a week before or before before. Probably that is why I like trying out new things and having projects, because I would not feel as if my days passed unnoticed and then converted into unnoticed years. When I think about it, the thing that saves me from overthinking is that if you ask me at any given moment if I am happy, I would say that I am. But when I think about the story of my life, there is not that much to tell. Wht do we alwqys feel that we have to tell the story? Douglas Coupland in his book “Player number one” said that there are only few special moments in everyones life and all the rest is everydayness. Does it mean that we life only to get those special moments?
The facts of your life seems to be much more important than how we feel in our everyday life. Our work defines who we are. I remember when I came Canada and I was not working, and I was meeting new people, they were asking me what is my job, I was replying that I don’t work, it was so hard for then to realize that there are plenty stuff to do if you don’t work. Actually, probabky you feel much more alive than working, because work, if you don’t like it or don’t enjoy that much even more deepens the feeling of absurdity of life. As Kierkegaard said “we are thrown into this world” and Sartre agreed with that and added that despite the fact that we are thrown into here, we still hold absolute responsibily for our lifes. So when you think about that… It doesn’t matter the statistical facts of our lifes, cause we are gonna die and statistic will die with us, all that matters how you feel your every moment, that is how you gonna feel about your life at the end, whether it would be dream or reality.