WODs 22nd and 23rd June + resume of the week

Myoh wow….I can’t believe that it has been a week since I wrote last time. It is not that I did not intended, I did, but I did not have time to sit down and collect either thought or recipes. The week has been really intense. On Sunday I went outdoors for rock climbing, first time in Quebec. The crag is super easy to reach if you have car, but not so easy if you don’t (my case). It was first outdoor experience for Nora and it was really fun to watch her exploring the forest. I was so happy to do some outdoors with my husband and dog, it is such an amazing fulfilling feeling. I love to see Keven climbing and it is really fun to climb with him. When we met, he had no idea what it is rock climbing and I had a pleasure of introducing him to this sport.

Here are some pictures from Sunday πŸ™‚


From those pictures I noticed how much smaller my thighs became since I started doing crossfit and using bike and a mean of transportation. The thing is that I always had big thighs and ass, no matter how much physical activities I was doing, I remember that since I was maybe 9 years old when I was standing on the start position to jump into water for swimming Β competitions. Even when I was having swimming training 6 times a week for 2 hours every session, I was still bigger that other girls in my class. And now for the first time I start to be happy about how they look (not that I was worrying and having a complex all my life, but still…). Paleo food and Crossfit training made a big difference in my appearance and I love to have muscles almost everywhere.

On Monday I had CF workout, but it was group challenge and I got mixed up with numbers, so there will be
no results, but it was fun to work out in a pair with someone else, not just competing with others:) And they painted our room and renamed it πŸ™‚ Now it is called Black Box, instead of Crossfit Quebec. Β But it looks nice πŸ™‚

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had my regular average 40km a day bike ride, as I was going for a work, plus I combined it with some abs workouts πŸ™‚ On Thursday I also had short but intense rock climbing session in a gym and date with my Keven in a dog park πŸ™‚ (It takes about 30mins. to walk to a dog park as we don’t have a car, so it is nice 1 hour walk in total, but definitely needed for socialization of Nora).

Then I was dreaming about some weight lifting, because it has been long time since I lifted some weights
(OMG, before CF I never tried any weights and never intended to try). So, I was happy to come to gym on Friday morning and find out that WOD included deadlifts. I did not know how much I could lift with deadlift as I was always just choosing weights from given ones and last time I did my body weight that was 145 lb. This time I tried to lift 245lb, got it first time, so it is not my limit yet, however, for WOD2 I was using 215lb barbell. My result for WOD1 was 110lb, I tried to make 115, but could not πŸ™‚ Then for WOD2 I used 16lb wall ball and 215lb barbell and my time was 20:10 πŸ™‚ It was really hard to make those deadlifts from round 5, but the wall balls became really easy to do and before I was suffering doing them, so that means improvement. My legs were sore today because of 150 wall balls :)))) But, new day -new WOD πŸ™‚

This time I was not saved from running, had again do wall balls and some intense rowing. We were 8 people this morning (4 girls and 4 guys), so coach split us into two groups for 2 WODs. I quickly slipped into the first WOD group with guys for 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted more challenge and competition and girls did not seem to be that much challenging as young hockey guys πŸ™‚
  2. I wanted to postpone running as much as possible and I was not excited about that at all.

WOD1 took me 13:45mins and I finished 2nd (yoo-hoo) of all that done this WOD today and RXed it. Β I made squats with 2x25lb (very painful) and Β wall balls with 16lb.

WOD2 I did with 75lb barbell and it was great practise of squat clean, because I think I have done it only once before. My result was 3 rounds completed.

My body is really sore, so tomorrow I am having a day off and will see what Monday WOD will bring. I decided incorporate into my workouts swimming again and some running. My goal is to be able to run 5 miles without hating every minute of it πŸ™‚ So, I think I am gonna do running once a week and swimming Β twice a week πŸ™‚ I am really thinking about making CF games next year, as I missed this year individuals (I was not doing CF back then), so I want to be as fit as possible, but I don’t plan to have super intense training and work individually with coach, just mix all different sports and see where it will take me πŸ™‚

WOD 15th June

I have been eating loads of sunflower butter fudge. First of all, because it is super delicious ad secondly, because my body is craving for fats. Literally, I need fats:) I had period of all different nut butters, then all different dessert making and now stuck with fudge. I just open freezer and pop
some into my mouth, as this is the only food that I would have that would not mwke me feel heavy after one hour intense biking almost all the time up. Then I would have some carbs as breakfast, usually some orange and wait until lunch with tuna salad that i am still not bored with πŸ™‚
So, today I had my second Crossfit training in 24 hours and I definitely wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about that when I woke up, but after morning coffee and smoothy with kale I was good to mount my bike and make thosr 8km till my gymπŸ™‚ i had to take training today as saturday and sunday cf gym is closed to finish up renovatiob, so Monday training will be in renewed shiny gym:)
I took picture of WOD and we had 45mins. to complete 10 rounds.

The best result before was 7 rounds, so my goal was at best to complete all 10 rounds or at least to beat 7 round limit set by someone. I ended up with 9+30 rounds. So close to finish, just missed couple minutes πŸ™‚ for most people hard part was first 2 exercises, but i find th relatively easy as i have done plenty of those during my capoeira training back in Lithuania and climbing background
Also helps a lot. Most time took to make burpee box jump, and I just made regular box (could still feel my legs bit shakey from previous day biking and 29″ box jumps). For jump squats I took 35lb and for walking lunges had 25-35lb dumbells in each arm(depending which were closer to get, so kept switching). All in all, it was intense workout, had my sweat dripping, but it was not that strenght draining. Tomorrow gonna have my first outside climbing in Quebec, but scary, but exciting. Next CF training on Monday πŸ™‚

WODs 25th and 26th May

I have to put 3 WODs of CF into 4 days and also go for climbing, so usually my weekends instead of being relaxing, becomes quite intense.

Fridays training had two parts and it was:


for time:

3 rounds of:

  • 400m. rowing (I always choose level10 as somehow find it not that hard to do)
  • 20 wall balls (16lbs)
    400m. running

My time was 15:20, I was 1 min. behind the guy that participated in regionals, no idea ow he did there, haven’t seen him before, but he looks really in shape. Anyhow, I felt quite proud of myself, especially when running is involved :)))) I really start getting used to it though, don’t supper mentally anymore that much and take it as it is πŸ™‚

WOD2 was AMRAP of 16mins of:

  • 10 KB lifts (don’t remember the exact name) -35 lbsΒ 
  • 15 KB swings – 35 lbs
  • 20 burpees (my killers…still not used to them)

I made 4+25 rounds.

Todays workout was also 2 parts. Actually, when I was walking down the hill and I saw group outside having a workout and it involved kettlebell and and moving from one point to the other (in my imagination – running), I honestly wanted to turn around an go back home. I did not feel at all like pushing myself, especially because my body did not have 24 hours break between workouts. However, I did not turn around and went to make a workout and was glad that I did, because it wasn’t that hard at all.

WOD1 (AMRAP 14mins):

I used for this WOD 35 lbs KB, but I think next time I will try to switch to 53lbs, as I find 35lbs not that challenging anymore.

  • 15 KB swings
  • 60m. KB carry (right arm)
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 60m. KB carry (left arm)

It was really enjoyable workout, I did not have to catch my breath and all in all did not find difficult, just kept moving all the time. My result: 5+32 rounds.

WOD2 was a bit more challenging and but still quite relaxing (with very much hurting abs πŸ™‚ ) – 14mins. AMRAP:

  • 6 box jumps (29″)
  • 12 ring push ups (that was quite challenging, especially after 4 rounds, to keep arms not going too much on the side )
  • 18 toes to bar. (for this I asked trainer to let me do sty else, as my both hands had almost heeled, but I was pretty realistic that probably after first 18 toes to bar they would be totally destroyed again. Instead of that I did V-sits with 12 lbs wall ball in my arms)

My result was: 6+13 rounds.

Next workout Monday πŸ™‚ I rewarded myself with banana pudding (put in freezer to have an ice cream). Will post a recipe and have for sunday brunch made a sweet potato pie (have no idea how it tastes like). I will post recipes of both dessert probably tomorrow. Enjoy Sunday!

Monday morning surprise

I had to go to CF trainig today, but I was having sore throat, so I was a bit hesitant. And while waking up I startes hearing shores of rain, wind and snow knocking to my window. Radio turn on and they say that some schools are closed that wind is from 28mph. That’s it…I don’t know if I am gonna take myself out today as I work tomorrow as nanny and one of the girls who is 1.5 years old was having huge fever on thursday. So, I am just gonna stay at home warmly with camomille tea and my whole30 approved smoothie:
Berries (handful)
Mango (1/3)
Grapes (8)
Coconut milk (1/2 can)
2 organic pasturized eggs
Water (to get desired consistence)
1 tsp of almond butter.

This amount was enough for two of us and I think it is a quickest way to have breakfast that would not include cooking:)

Have a great Monday!!!