Home WOD2

Usually I sleap pretty good during the night, but last night could not fall asleep till 1a.m. Maybe because I had nap during the day might be that working out in the late evening activated my body. Anyhow, woke up this morning 6.30 that is kind of early for me (i usually wake up 6.55), asI am more late night person. I decided to do workout as then I feel much more comfortable wirh rest of the day and don’t have to wory about squeezing in a workout in some part of my day.

Today was tabata workout – 8 rounds (20secs.on/10secs.off) of the following:

Push ups – total number made 83
Sit-ups (hands on chest) – 65
Squats – 121

I am glad to have a wonderful husband who, while I was squating made my morning coffee and breakfast! So I only had to quickly assemble my lunch box before heading to work.
TUESDAY – only two days left until we will have our beautiful puppy at home! So exciting!!!