WOD 11th August

I was working this week by taking care of the girls Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and so my crossfit training was divided between Monday and Friday. It really feels like a huge gap those three days, even though I have been active physically, especially having in mind that I cycle to and from work that in total is around 35km. So, 3 days of 2 hours on the bike, plus went for rock climbing, however, coming to the gym yesterday I felt kind of week and when for advanced level I saw overhead squats with 95lbs, after making clean and jerk, I really hesitated. I tried and after first round I decided that I would not be able to make 5 rounds of it, so switched to 75 lbs and I was still struggling with OHS trying to find right grip position for good balance. On the 5th round I finally got it 🙂 Nothing impressive, forgot to take picture of WOD and my results, so don’t remember exactly. But then after training I was working on my kipping handstand push-ups and got them. I thought that it was much more complicated and they appear to be really easy once you get your ass close to the wall 😀 I was really happy about that. The only thing that really bothers me is my wrist that keep hurting like for a month now and I don’t know what to do with that. Any ideas?

Todays workout was so much fun. It was fast and furious and I was on fire. 


5-10-15 reps

  • snatch deadlift – 1BW =150lbs
  • MB squat clean (16lbs)
  • burpees over the bar
  • Result: 6:10min. 

My time was best in gym!!! And I did not suffer during burpees. Why? Because I was learning the technique and it definitely pays off. There is this amazing website “Gymnastics WOD” where you can find tons of information about technique and this is how I got my kipping push ups and fast and effective burpees. 


  • 9 clean and jerk – 95lbs
  • 18 front squat – 95lbs
  • 27 floor press – 95 lbs
  • 36 box jumps – 26″
  • Result: 7:04mins.

Not best time in the box, but 3rd best and what was more important, I tackled those 95lbs that yesterday bothered me so much. And it was not that hard. I was worried a bit about floor press, but it went all smooth and nice. It was really good day and I feel satisfied with results 🙂




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