My delivery arrived

Today I got the huge box 🙂

It is my almond and coconut four delivery. I decided to buy a lot, to have for a long time, especially having in mind that Christmas are not that far away actually. I mean, they will come and I don’t want to worry about what I am gonna do 🙂

I also ordered some stuff to try out, especially regarding my protein intake (the protein powder is so not for me and makes me feel bad and gain weight) and I am kind of bored with eggs and fish, so decided to try out some other stuff. So, I got spirulina powder and hemp protein powder and hemp seeds. I also ordered  maca powder and  chia seeds for all the goodies that they have inside 😉

The pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.

Today Keven and me decided to watch some videos on as we like spending time together watching something, but at the same time we like benefit from it from educational point or for the discussion purposes. So, we came across the video that actually made us both cry and definitely touched us, once more confirming that some obstacles in life can actually be a life changing positive experiences. As I said before in my blog, I don’t think that my life is perfect, but when I look back, there is probably not a single thing that I would change. Maybe I would like to change myself a bit, but definitely not experiences that I had, cause I believe that everything at the end becomes handy. Negative experiences makes you see different aspects of life and makes you stronger. So, the video that we watched is called Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits and you can find here: #TED

It makes me also confirm that “I can change the way you think but I can’t change the way you feel, because this is something much deeper and stronger”.